5 ways to take advantage of cloud computing in your business

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At Codster we provide: Cloud based experiences

Cloud computing technology plays an important role in people's lives every day. Online shopping, digital banking, home office, online classes, video conferencing and entertainment are all activities that share the application of cloud services in different ways.

This use may even increase because of the conditions generated by the COVID-19 pandemic, where it is recommended to stay in confinement and use technology to carry out activities that can be carried out remotely. In this way, the growth of the global cloud computing market is expected to achieve, in a shorter time, the expected 2023 to exceed $174 billion.

In this context, the use of cloud computing services for enterprises is one of the most important and indispensable innovations for business strategies in the modern industry. Mainly, companies can enjoy cloud computing benefits such as establishing online platforms to carry out work tasks from the home or keeping all business information centralized and accessible to employees anywhere in the world with Internet access.

Some benefits of cloud computing for enterprises include:

Have reduced costs of the operation.

Group and automate company resources depending on demand.

Ability to store data unlimited.

Have data in the cloud on different devices.

With cloud services, businesses can store, manage and organize all their data and information, making it a technology indispensable for work processes. In addition, cloud computing does not mean a large capital investment, as it can be accessed through IT companies and, therefore, cloud functions can be molded and adapted for a successful specialized service.

5 scenarios that allow you to take advantage of cloud computing technology

1. Digital Product Launch

If you want to launch a digital product that targets a broad audience, cloud computing can help you organize and manage the service for thousands of users. The most obvious example of leveraging the cloud to offer a digital product can be found on social networks, where multiple users interact at once and all their information is protected in the cloud.

2. Initial phase of an enterprise

The cloud service can also be very functional when the initial investment is minimal and you need to make an MVP of your enterprise. By using the cloud, you have the opportunity to hypothesize and implement your proposal to attract that target audience, who will be able to use the service immediately.

3. High costs in local infrastructure

If costs on your on-premises infrastructure are too high, you can use one of the community, public, or hybrid cloud schemes. These models allow you to maintain savings in using cloud services without having to invest too much in hosting infrastructure for your business.

4. Minimize maintenance costs

Because the costs of deploying or maintaining a physical infrastructure can be very high, the cloud was designed to reduce investment in those physical systems and, in addition, reduce the need to transport resources from one site to another because cloud computing is available from any device, no matter where or schedule.

5. Evaluate and shape recovery plans

Having recovery plans is essential in all types of organization. In enterprises, a recovery plan is expected to be a process where the cloud helps maintain information security and protects critical data, hardware, or software so that operations are normalized in natural disasters or human error situations.

This type of services is necessary to operate in an increasingly digital and globalized world. Learn about Codster's solutions to implement cloud computing technology in your company and take advantage of its benefits

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At Codster we provide: Cloud based experiences

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