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AWS Partner Network is a partner program that enables technology and consulting companies around the world to deliver solutions based on AWS technologies. Why is an AWS partner so reliable? A partner has the opportunity to acquire technical and specialized training in the products delivered by AWS.So when you hire the services of an Amazon partner you are confident that you are working with AWS cloud experts to help you find better solutions for your organization, as well as driving your Digital Transformation Strategies Codster is an official AWS Amazon partner in Mexico that aims to help people grow their businesses through cloud solutions and services. What is AWS? There's been a lot of talk about it, but do you know what AWS is? The acronym comes from Amazon Web Services, which in Spanish could be read as Amazon Web Services. Very simply, through these web services you can build all the technology infrastructure that your business needs in the cloud. Amazon AWS puts virtual computers, servers, databases, and a range of easy-to-scalable technologies at your disposal, where you only invest for what you really need. How can an AWS Partner drive your business growth? Through Codster, an AWS Partner, you have the opportunity to get the following services and solutions based on Amazon technologies to drive your business growth:Cloud Business ArchitectureThe first step to leveraging the benefits of AWS Amazon and the cloud is migrating to a cloud or hybrid architecture. An Amazon partner can help you throughout the transition so your business starts enjoying the agility, efficiency, and flexibility of cloud computing.Database and Storage ArchitectureUsing AWS cloud, you can store the vast amount of data you handle in the cloud, giving you greater durability, improved recovery times, greater security, advanced accessibility and business intelligence.Plus, you can choose from 15 database engines tailored to your needs.Serverless Computing ArchitectureThis is a technology that adapts to new microservices trends, allowing you to execute instructions for a specific function. With AWS Lambda, you can run code without the need to purchase or manage a server, you just need to upload it to the network and pay only for what you use.Take advantage of serverless technology to modernize your applications and save costs.Data Lakes and AnalyticsWith AWS Lake Formation you can automate annoying tasks and complicated such as loading, transforming, securing and auditing data access. Simply leave it in the hands of the AWS partner and you'll get the processing, analysis, and data that your business or application needs to make better decisions.DevOps and Development ToolBy implementing DevOps (Operations Development) you can align people, technologies, and processes in your business in the same space. The purpose is to optimize operations and consequently generate a better product or service.Mobile Cloud ServicesFor no one it is a secret that mobile applications are a trend in the market, but to work optimally they require the cloud infrastructure that Amazon AWS can bring you.In conclusion, through a partner AWS certified as Codster you have the opportunity to establish your operations, applications and cloud services by leveraging the best technologies and through subject matter experts.

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