What are microservices and what are their advantages?

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The market is constantly evolving and businesses need to stick to new technologies to stay competitive. It is a struggle to create quality products and services at a lower cost.

Microservices are part of these new technologies. A survey conducted by O'Reilly found that, in 2020, 52% of organizations use microservice concepts, tools or methods for software development, demonstrating their current importance.

If you don't know what it is yet, find out what microservices are, their advantages and what is their relationship with cloud computing in this article.

What is cloud computing?

To understand what cloud computing is, think about the services and processes you know hosted on the web and that work through the Internet. Basically, businesses have the opportunity to hire cloud services to launch applications without the need for their own IT infrastructure.

However, microservices are cloud-native and are the ones that enable cloud computing software to be what it is today: an agile and easy-to-scalable solution.

What are microservices?

Contrary to what might be believed, the term does not refer to the size of the services, but rather the style of the system architecture.

The idea arises from the need to develop systems that are flexible, scalable and easy to maintain. In this way, the goal of microservices is to set aside monolithic applications (that is, where all functions are grouped into the same code) so that each microsystem works independently, but focused on a single function.

Thus, a microservice-based application consists of many small components or modules coupled to each other, but which are free and deployable independently.

So, you will ask yourself: if they are independent, how do they engage? Easy, using a set of predefined commands, functions and protocols, better known as APIs, to establish communication.

Advantages of microservices

1. Offer stability

Since each service is autonomous, developers can maintain and update each feature independently without affecting the rest. You will only grow the functions you want.

On the other hand, if a microservice has problems, it will not affect the overall operation of the application. For example, if in an online store the payment system fails, the user can continue to browse through the catalog and the rest of the website until the issue is resolved.

2. Provide flexibility in the application of technologies

One of the drawbacks with monolithic applications is that you need to work with the same technology throughout the application. Microservices change that, here developers can employ the technologies that best suit each function.

In addition, you can use specialized equipment to work on the various components, which in the end will increase the quality of the software.

3. Help reduce costs

Applications only use the microservices they need, therefore costs will only be associated with the functions and usage of the system. Thus, they do not have to be considered costs associated with unused functions. In addition, the maintenance of each microservice part separately results in cost optimization by not having to review the entire architecture, for example, if bugs are diagnosed on one of them.

4. Contributing to scalability

Being autonomous and being able to work independently, microservices are easily scalable, facilitating the development of one over the other according to the temporary business strategies, thus helping to generate scalability throughout the enterprise.

In conclusion, microservices are part of the wonderful advantages of cloud computing, a technology that is increasingly important in the digital world.

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At Codster we provide: Cloud based experiences

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