Benefits of AWS Lambda Consulting

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You may have an idea about Amazon Web Services (AWS) solutions or you may already be familiar with cloud computing. But you can also be part of the large group of short-circuiters as soon as they hear about cloud computing, SaaS, IaaS, PaaS or serverless technology.To avoid trouble and make life easier, Amazon Partner Network (APN) was formed, which is an alliance between the large Amazon family and Amazon Web Services experts throughout the world. The goal is to provide you with consulting and delivering AWS technologies in a much more digestible.So you want to modernize your applications with AWS Lambda and don't know how to do it? That's what consultancies with Amazon's expert partners are for. What services does Amazon Web Services offer? The list of services offered by Amazon Web Services is quite extensive and explaining each of its products takes time and space. In short, AWS allows you to purchase cloud-based services such as: Compute Power.Servers for Storage.Database Management.Data Analytics.Cloud Services for Mobile Devices.Business Applications.But what services does Amazon Web Services offer prominently? Amazon EC2 (virtual computers), Amazon Simple Storage S3 (storage), Amazon Aurora (database), or Amazon Lambda (serverless technology) .Benefits of receiving consulting on AWS LambdaAWS Lambda is nothing less than Amazon serverless technology, which allows you to run codes without the need to purchase or manage servers. You simply upload an event to the cloud and it runs from a trigger. With this particular feature, it's a cost-saving technology. When you're looking for expert partner consulting on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Amazon Lambda, you get different benefits. Here are some of them:Expert Agent ConsultationsThey are not experts because they consider themselves that way, but AWS Partners must go through a training and certification process that allows them to deepen their knowledge and competencies in AWS.During this process they acquire basic and basic technical training, then specialize in the different products offered by Amazon. In this way, you will have consultancy from people who not only know about serverless technologies, but are experts in Lambda and other AWS.Integrating Lambda with other technologiesGood consulting will help you design, implement and integrate different solutions along with Lambda. For example, AWS Lambda is not a technology that works alone or alone, but integrates with other services.For example, if you want to use it for data processing, you can integrate it with other AWS services such as S3, Kinesis, DynamoDB, or CloudWatch. As well as connecting it to EFS (Elastic File System) files or organize it through AWS Step Functions.Best SolutionsOn the other hand, it is not always convenient to choose Lambda over another solution and vice versa. An expert partner will help you make the best decisions about Lambda, Cloud Business Architecture, DataBase, Storage Architecture, Mobile Cloud Services, Data Lake, Analytics or any other service.For Lambda, you can use it for real-time data processing, machine learning or as a backend in applications Web, IoT or mobile applications.If you are looking for an expert partner in Lambda or other Amazon Web Services solutions such as migrating to a hybrid cloud, managing analytics from the cloud or any other service, Codster is for you. We are certified AWS partners, and our focus is on delivering the best digital solutions tailored to your business.

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