AWS Lambda solutions and services for your business

AWS Lambda Serverless Computing services run code for any type of application without the need to provision or manage servers. Pay only for the computing time you consume.

AWS Lambda Serverless Services

We are AWS Lambda Partners in the development of your project

At Codster we are AWS Partners, we have experience implementing AWS Lambda services built with the Serverless Framework.

We integrate microservices into your AWS Lambda architecture

AWS Lambda Serverless may be the best solution for your company

AWS Lambda serverless only charges you for what you use, each feature you use, and the time it takes. You can use AWS Lambda to create new triggered backend application services on demand.

AWS Lambda solutions for all industries

aws lambda solutions and services
With AWS we make digital transformation possible in the financial sector by reducing operations and daily migrations to the cloud, we optimize processes and create a secure and compatible environment on AWS for the Fintech industry.
We help organizations in the health sector to accelerate innovation with Data Analytics services, implementation of new technologies to guarantee automation, enable remote consultations, medical records, and customer service in an intelligent and efficient way.
We provide innovation in your company's business by implementing solutions that optimize operations in your company. With Cloud Computing services you will allow greater speed to offer agile solutions, new experiences for clients, faster central systems, access to data for new ways of identifying risks and developing more personalized insurance.
We achieve a digital transformation in the hotel sector to offer a better service to your clients, and, at the same time, save time and costs. Using AWS technology you can manage data, optimize operations, and improve the guest experience quickly and efficiently.
We have services and solutions for transport companies that allow us to improve services for users. Helping to protect and understand your data turning it into business opportunities. We help you migrate your data to the cloud.

AWS Lambda serverless is the answer to running serverless applications in your company

  • We help you manageData and integrate applications, all without having to manage servers.

  • integrating computingServerless on AWS we help you build better applications more easily.
  • With serverless technologyIn your company, your applications scale automatically while maintaining a balance in your resources, which indicates that you quickly adapt to the needs of your customers.

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