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Take advantage of Blockchain technology in your company and keep control of your data. We create fast and secure digital solutions.

What is Blockchain and how does it work in your company?

It is an advanced technology that allows the creation of an open and decentralized database. It is based on the distribution of database information between the different nodes in real time and simultaneously throughout the entire network.

Blockchain technology and decentralized systems

Consulting and development of Blockchain projects

Now the transactions can be decentralized and not depend on an entity that manages all the systems. How does this work? At Codster we optimize, automate and improve the general security of your operations with the help of this technology.

We guide you in the process of designing, implementing and developing financial services based on the Blockchain so that they are decentralized, fast and secure.

We help you easily connect and manage scalable Blockchain networks

AWS Managed Blockchain Service

We set up a managed Blockchain, which allows a group of members to execute transactions and share data without a central authority, working hand in hand with two great projects that are Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum.

Hyperledger services for your company

We help your company to implement Hyperledger in record time. What is it for? For applications that require strict privacy, identity management, and access control. For example: A financial app that only shares certain business data with select banks.

Applications with Ethereum

Ethereum is an open source system that stores digital assets, allowing you to move or make deals directly with another person. Transaction records are immutable, verifiable, and securely distributed across the network, giving participants full ownership and visibility of transaction data. We implement software through which to manage transactions and automate certain results through Smart Contracts.

Blockchain services with Solana

Solana is an open source decentralized platform, which ensures that any transaction or event is encrypted and difficult to predict. Solana ensures compatibility between ecosystem projects by maintaining a single global state as the network scales. We implement software through which to manage transactions and automate certain results through Smart Contracts.

Design and development of decentralized applications for your company with Blockchain technology

Development of Smart Contracts

With this powerful Smart Contracts business tool we facilitate the execution of transactions and agreements, through our services for the development and implementation of smart contracts with Ethereum. Smart contracts form the backbone of various applications in this technology.

NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens

We design solutions for the benefit of the NFT economy by driving ownership of digital assets for the art, music, finance, manufacturing and real estate sectors. 

NFTs are executed through Smart Contracts that govern actions such as ownership verification and transfer processing.

Blockchain consulting and development in the industry

Blockchain development in the Fintech sector

How is this technology applied? the fintech industry? Adapting payment clearing processes through the elimination of commercial and central banks, with potential in the stock market, Smart Contracts and audits.

Blockchain solutions for the health sector

It is the alternative for redesign the health system with the aim of being applied in digital data transfer, drug traceability, clinical research, drug verification and more.

Blockchain solutions in retail

This technology revolutionizes the retail sector with benefits for retailers and the consumer. It can be used in many ways such as information flow, supplier integration, capital integration, product tracking and monitoring.

Blockchain development solutions and services

  • We help you identify the needs of your company and your applications.
  • You will know the value of developing applications with Blockchain technology.
  • We offer you enterprise-scale solutions
  • We develop solutions and implement cutting-edge technologies to support the needs of any type of company.

Development of business applications with Blockchain

The revolution of decentralized systems

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