5 advantages of developing a Serverless Application

In the digital world, especially in the last couple of decades, an undeniable trend has been experienced: so much technological progress is perceived from year to year, that it is not surprising that you find new digital concepts every month. Serverless is one of them.

This word literally translates as "serverless", and refers to a type of service or architecture in computing that does not require the use of servers. on premises, that is, in the facilities or dependencies where your business is carried out.

The Serverless web app or applications without a server translate into various benefits when implementing them in your business. Because? Find out through these 5 advantages.

1. Eliminate IT infrastructure management

Managing IT infrastructure can be a headache for those responsible for organizations. Serverless applications They help to root out everything that has to do with the administration of the computing environment, such as provisioning servers to the different work teams, implementing clusters and patches, applying updates, as well as maintaining operating systems, among others.

2. They result in cost reduction

Application deployment cloud computing serverless It results in a reduction of costs at the organizational level, being able to focus resources in other areas that can help give more value and innovation to the final product.

In fact, according to one research conducted by OpsRamp, we find that:

  • A 94% of IT managers affirm that there is a significant reduction in costs in terms of maintenance and provisioning in the IT area, just for migrating to cloud technology.
  • A 47% claims that total IT costs can be reduced by 30% to 50% by implementing this same type of technology.

3. Allows you to focus your work on what matters

Disruptions can cost a lot in the organization. This is exactly what the multitasking: try to keep the focus on various tasks in order to move faster.

There are various investigations that refer to the risks of working doing multiple different tasks, so being permanently concerned with managing servers and execution times (both locally and in the cloud) represent constant interruptions. In effect, a study carried out by Microsoft showed that, on average, its collaborators took 23 minutes to resume a task after an interruption.

Serverless cloud computing allows you to focus on what really matters, that is, the development of the app itself, thus achieving results more quickly.

4. Contribute to the scalability of your business

As serverless apps make use of an architecture external to your company, you can take advantage of only benefiting from the functions that you need to develop it. Thus, for example, the creation of a serverless web app by means of AWS Lambda It adapts to your budgets, since its functions scale according to the number of requests that are made.

In turn, only these invoked requests will constitute expenses for the company, therefore, you will not be charged for the time that you are not using the external server or for the functions that you do not use.

5. Facilitates the adoption of ideas as real solutions

Being able to transform your ideas into real solutions, in an agile way and at a lower cost, is what, in the long run, will make the difference with your competitors. Serverless applications allow just this: that your creative proposals can be converted into cloud-based technological services.

AWS Lambda, for example, allows the development of your idea in the form of applications to translate into a great experience for the end user, either through the implementation of in-app purchases, integrating geolocation options, facilitating the uploading of files and images by users, etc.

This is precisely the solution provided Codster, helping its clients with the adoption of a serverless culture, with a vast experience in the implementation and development of services based on AWS Lambda, allowing the effective creation of ideas as technological solutions.

Alejandra Correa

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