5 ways to take advantage of a Cloud Computing strategy in your company

On a daily basis, cloud computing technology plays an important role in people's lives. Online shopping, digital banking, home office, online classes, video conferences and entertainment, all are activities that share the application of cloud services in different ways.

This use may even increase due to the conditions generated by the COVID-19 pandemic, where it is recommended to stay in confinement and make use of technology to carry out activities that can be carried out remotely. In this way, it is expected that the growth of the global cloud computing market will achieve, in less time, the expectations set for 2023 with a figure that it was over $ 174 billion.

In this context, the use of cloud computing services for companies is one of the most important and indispensable innovations for business strategies in modern industry. Mainly, companies can enjoy the benefits of cloud computing such as establishing online platforms to carry out work tasks from home or keeping all business information centralized and accessible to employees anywhere in the world with Internet access.

Some benefits of cloud computing for companies are:

  • Have reduced operating costs.
  • Group and automate company resources depending on demand.
  • Unlimited data storage capacity.
  • Have the data found in the cloud available on different devices.

With cloud services, companies can store, manage and organize all their data and information, which makes it an indispensable technology for work processes. In addition, cloud computing does not mean a large capital investment, since this service can be accessed through companies specialized in information technology and, therefore, the functions of the cloud can be shaped and adapted to be able to enjoy a specialized service with success.

5 situations that allow you to take advantage of cloud computing technology

1. Digital product launch

If you want to launch a digital product, which is aimed at a wide audience, cloud computing can help you organize and manage the service for thousands of users. The most obvious example of taking advantage of the cloud to offer a digital product can be found in social networks, where multiple users interact at the same time and all their information is stored in the cloud.

2. Initial phase of an undertaking

The cloud service can also be very functional when the initial investment is minimal and you need to do an MVP of your venture. By using the cloud, you have the opportunity to create hypotheses and put your proposal into practice to attract that target audience, who will be able to use the service immediately.

3. High costs in local infrastructure

In case the costs in your local infrastructure are too high, you can use one of the community, public or hybrid cloud schemes. These models allow to maintain savings in the use of cloud services without having to invest too much in the hosting infrastructure for the company.

4. Minimize maintenance costs

As the costs of implementing or maintaining a physical infrastructure can be very high, the cloud was designed to reduce investment in these physical systems and, as a plus, it reduces the need to transport resources from one site to another because cloud computing It is available from any device, regardless of location or time.

5. Evaluate and shape recovery plans

Having recovery plans is essential in any type of organization. In companies, a recovery plan is expected to be a process where the cloud helps keep information secure and protect critical data, hardware, or software so that operations normalize in the face of natural disasters or situations caused by human error.

This type of service is necessary to operate in an increasingly digital and globalized world. Meet the solutions offered by Codster to implement cloud computing technology in your company and take advantage of its benefits.

Alejandra Correa

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