3 advantages of implementing a Multicloud strategy

In the wake of the pandemic, Latin America has seen an increase in the adoption of cloud computing. The reason is simple, cloud services allow companies to work remotely and offer their services online without the need to invest in an infrastructure. But do you already know what the Multicloud and its advantages?

What is Multicloud?

He cloud computing it can be private (implementing your own infrastructure), public (serverless services from a provider like AWS or Azure) or hybrid (combining public and private cloud).

A multi-cloud approach consists of contracting services in the (public) cloud through different providers, as would happen when combining the services of Azure Functions with Lambda.

AWS, Azure and serverless framework

AWS, Amazon web services, are market leaders in cloud computing and are available in 80 locations in 25 geographic regions. In second place is followed by Azure, Microsoft's cloud service.

Both providers offer the technology serverless, in which you do not have to worry about taking care of, updating or maintaining a server, you only upload the code of a specific function and these companies take care of the rest.

Lambda and Azure Functions They are the serverless technologies of Amazon and Microsoft, which, although they are very similar, have their variations in terms of plans, configuration, programming languages and extensibility.

Advantages of a Multicloud strategy

1. You take advantage of the strengths of various providers

Even if AWS offers more than 200 cloud services, it may not meet all your cloud computing needs. On the other hand, if you choose several providers, you will be able to take advantage of the services of each one, combine them and adapt them to your needs.

Each business unit may have different requirements and, for example, while one does well with the serverless framework from AWS, another does better with Azure.

It also happens that the latency of the service is better the closer you are to the provider's servers, a problem that the Multicloud solves by increasing the spectrum of available geographic locations.

2. You avoid dependence on a specific provider

If your apps are built to work exclusively on one platform, you will be locked to that provider and it will be difficult to switch in the future. At first, a provider's service may work optimally, but the story can change when you need to scale up or down services.

With a focus Multicloud You take advantage of the opportunities offered by different cloud providers, you retain the power (not the provider) and you have more flexibility to take advantage of better prices or capabilities.

3. You optimize costs and performance

Another of the main advantages of Multicloud It is the ability you have to select the services that best meet the needs of your company and at the best possible price.

For example, you can purchase AWS Spot Instances and secure compute capacity at a lower price, but also use low-priority VMs in Azure to secure the best price when Spot Instances increase in value.

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Alejandra Correa

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