What does the Amazon API Gateway service offer?

Cloud services have become the innovation trend for companies seeking to expand their range of reach, personalize their service and, above all, increase efficiency. This is no longer a novelty and the year 2020 came to consolidate this perspective of innovation, showing an increase of 10% in the acquisition of these services according to Denodo Global Cloud Survey (2020).

Whatever the need they face, the truth is that big technology companies are already looking to offer you the solution. In this article we present the potential benefits associated with the Amazon Web Service (AWS) service specifically Amazon API Gateway.

What is Amazon API Gateway?


The first thing to consider is that Amazon API Gateway is AWS's response to the demands and maturation of the services digitization process.

It becomes an intermediate layer between the external requirements or calls towards the different microservices associated with a digital platform, which will allow “(…) Create, maintain, monitor and secure REST, HTTP and WebSocket API's at any scale” (Official Amazon documentation).

What is it for?

It allows differentiating the types of requirements, authenticating them and referring them to the specific micro service. Greatly facilitating the integration of the Front-end and the Back-end of our platform or application in its development.

Another important feature is its security standard, since it allows only encrypted communications and thanks to the configuration with the Load Balancer, it will know how to identify the traffic, differentiate it and divert it or block it as appropriate, safeguarding the integrity of the service as well as the cost associated with the use of the band. .

How does Amazon API Gateway work?

This service will function as an intermediary or abstract layer between the micro services such as REST API and the interface that will capture the requirements. It will identify the type of request, type of device and even type of operating system behind and efficiently channel it to be processed and answered.

In a certain way, when you think about integrating this type of service, you must remember the main door of a building with its administrative secretary who will know each path, annex and job to get communications.

Ways to access

A striking feature is its forms of access, since it can be managed from the AWS console itself. Or if Amazon has a Software Development Kit (SDK) for a certain language, you can integrate access to Amazon API Gateway from there.

They can also access from AWS CLI or command line, which is an open source tool that allows you to interact with the integrated services. Along the same lines, Amazon offers integration with PowerShell for Windows so that they can also run and monitor from the usual shell.

The advantages of using the Amazon API service for integrations

An important feature of using Amazon services is organizational support. Amazon has known position yourself as a leader in cloud services, which implies high specialization and technical response to our requirements.

We can also highlight the comprehensiveness in the linking of different micro services or infrastructure on demand, both REST API, EC2, other communication protocols such as WebSocket and even developments in different languages.

The versatility in use is thought of the diversity of needs of its customers, Amazon seeks to anticipate all possible scenarios that customers must face. Although in order for us to enjoy its full potential, it is necessary to be clear about what developments and services should be enabled, for this Codster offers you a professional guide and the right advice that will give you the necessary boost to enjoy the experience without wasting resources or unnecessarily complicating a development.

Alejandra Correa

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