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Amazon Pinpoint It has become a key tool to integrate functionalities to optimize customer service and relationships in web and mobile applications.

Essential component to offer greater value to the purchase journey and boost loyalty and sales. Consider that, according to figures collected by HubSpotAlmost three in five buyers say that good customer service is essential for them to feel loyalty to a brand.

What is Amazon Pinpoint?  

It's about a flexible and scalable inbound and outbound marketing communications service. It allows you to connect with your customers through different channels (multichannel) such as email, SMS and voice messages, push notifications or through in-app messaging.

This service, which in practice is a marketing communications mix, it adapts to all business-consumer contact scenarios and is very easy to configure and use.

How Amazon Pinpoint Strengthens Customer Relationships

Specifically, this console gives you campaign management tools multichannel marketing on all types of devices and applications, taking into account the behavior of the user and regardless of the target audience you are targeting and the phase of the purchase journey in which they are.

Among the different specific functionalities it offers, you will find:

User segmentation

The Amazon Pinpoint service gives you the possibility to orient your messages and notifications, attending to different variables, such as demographics, the device from which they navigate or the type of operating system.

Run messaging campaigns

You can create groups of personalized messages in all kinds of formats, such as email, SMS and push notifications, and automate their sending based on different parameters, such as date, user actions or simply a predetermined schedule.

Optimize routes and communication with users

The possibility of automating the sending of messages (in different formats) in response to user actions and their attributes, allows you to create personalized contact points for each moment. That way you add value to the way you interact with customers and the audience in general.

Behavior analysis 

Amazon Pinpoint monitors the actions of users in the application and, based on them, automatically generates reports on their behavior and the actions triggered by the marketing actions carried out: interaction level, purchases, open messages and many more metrics that allow you to determine the effective marketing and communication with the customer.

Specifically, the marketing communications mix from Pinpoint, facilitates the execution of targeted campaigns and increases the quantity and quality of contact points with customers, giving great relevance to personalization and context.

In that sense, communication is neither intrusive nor unidirectional. The messages are timely, add real value and awaken real interest in the recipient to stay in touch with the brand and move forward on the purchase or conversion journey. It is about building lasting relationships, increasing the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

Like the rest Amazon services Web Services, Amazon Pinpoint is available in multiple regions and is designed to scale, allowing you to give your campaigns the geographic and demographic reach you want.

In Codster, we are experts in integration from Amazon services Web Services. We can help you implement Pinpoint and advise you on how to use it and launch your campaigns.

Alejandra Correa

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