How does a web API make it easy to integrate various services?

API stands for Application Programming Interface or application programming interface, which is a intermediate structure between user or device required and the system that hosts the service or necessary information.

Thus, an API facilitates the interaction between the parties because it previously establishes what type of communications may be established between them, and therefore, which ones will not. Also, because they are behind the interface, they do not require users to decide which functions to use or how to do it, as this has been defined in advance by the developers.

What is a web API?


When it comes to the web API, it actually refers to the HTTP communication protocol used between the parties, this because there are local API developments, that is, on the same server and they do not require the use of the web for their interactions.

Thus, APIs for web development are one of the main ways of interacting between devices and applications, since they establish an orderly pattern of actions, limit unwanted incursion and protect the integrity of the systems. In this way, instead of building services "from scratch" it is possible to use specific APIs to quickly integrate them into your own development.

How can they add value to an application?


Either from the customer's perspective or from the company's vision, using APIs for development will facilitate interaction, since they can be understood as information exchange contracts specific, with specific objectives.

This facilitates the integration of payments, data transfers, communications, geolocation and even real-time monitoring of temperature or weather conditions thanks to its connection with sensors and / or satellites.

The innovation associated with web APIs strengthens the security of the systems by allowing information to be shared without the need to access the structures or source codes of the platforms with which they are integrated.

Services that can be integrated using a web API


The types of services that can be developed through the use of APIs will depend exclusively on the needs of the company. There are also some factors that influence; such as knowing if the business needs to link to a public API for development or if it should rather implement a private API to interact with certain users.

The truth is that the correct diagnosis of the requirement and its implementation are the key to obtaining the benefits associated with this way of interacting.

Online payments API

Sometimes it will start implementing it only for online payment systems; for example, by integrating a platform with the Paypal service or other providers in order to facilitate customer payment.

Geolocation API

You can also link geolocation services such as Google Maps APIs for web development or other services that will allow you to keep track of or facilitate the location that a customer is looking for to purchase products.

Business APIs

Perhaps the objective is not to give a customer a better experience, but rather to facilitate the transfer of Business to Business information, this with the aim of maintaining better inventory control with suppliers and associated logistics.

Artificial intelligence APIs

APIs can be more than just response protocols, they can also incorporate artificial intelligence or pre-recognition methods that will process information and deliver valuable services to users. Whether it is text recognition or geographic pattern identification, incorporating this type of API into your platform will definitely improve the experience.

Messaging API

Another common resource is the incorporation of APIs for messaging, which allows you to link -for example- applications such as Slack or Microsft Teams to send automated messages to your collaborators, so that they receive everything they need at the right time.

The possibilities will only depend on the needs and the correct identification of these by a good development team. Request your advice at no cost to perform an API integration.

Alejandra Correa

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