AWS Amplify for web and mobile app development

AWS Amplify, represents one of the fastest, simplest, most flexible and economical ways to create first-class web and mobile applications, with added benefits such as real-time file interaction and distribution and the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that drive Amazon All without having to generate code, within a framework of performance, adaptability and security.

Something really relevant in the current context, where Mexico is one of the countries with the largest application market in terms of number of downloads, and companies drive their digital transformation and they operate with the need to connect with a greater number of consumers and add value to their experience.

What is AWS Amplify and how does it contribute to web application development?

In general terms, AWS Amplify It is a service of Amazon Web Services (AWS) specially created to facilitate and optimize the development of both mobile and web applications. It is made up of two large groups of tools:

  • Services (managed hosting).
  • Tools (open source framework).

The open source framework of AWS Amplify provides a bunch of different libraries, user interface components, and a command line interface (CLI) that completely simplify application backend programming. In addition, it offers the possibility of integrating it into web applications and for Android, iOS and React Native.

On the other hand, it employs a core set of AWS cloud services In addition to AWS Amplify, they allow you to implement different functionalities in your applications, including offline data, analytics, storage, cache, authentication, bots, and messaging.

All through a fairly simple and intuitive administration interface, based on a point-and-click visual experience, which makes configuring backends a very easy, fast and even fun task. .

Specific functions to the development of Web Applications

  • Configure serverless backends with authentication, data, and storage.
  • Connect mobile and web applications to resources Amazon Web Services.
  • Deploy and host server-side rendered and single-page web applications as well as static web sites.
  • Create onboarding flows with a fully managed user directory and registration, login, and more workflows.
  • Use a cross-platform storage engine on the device that synchronizes data between applications and the cloud, using GraphQL technology.
  • Analyze the behavior of your web, iOS or Android users.
  • Execute secure HTTP requests to GraphQL and REST endpoints to access, manipulate, and mix data from different sources.
  • Incorporate location functionalities into your application.
  • Create engaging, interactive chatbots with the same technologies that power Alexa.
  • Incorporate into the app AWS Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning functionalities.
  • Add analytical and marketing capabilities, as well as communicate with customers through multiple channels
  • Store and manage user-generated content.

Best of all, the versatility is that AWS Amplify is versatile enough, because it supports popular programming languages, frameworks, and platforms:

For web and Android applications

The most used programming languages are: JavaScript, React, Angular, Vue and Next.js, iOS.

For mobile applications

The most used programming languages are: React Native, Ionic and Flutter.

Codster, as a verified AWS partner in Mexico, can offer you consultancy for the implementation of AWS Amplify and other AWS services. He considers that every day more organizations migrate to cloud services, making this knowledge essential.

Said consulting, based on the specific needs of each company, focuses on Cloud Business, Database and Storage, Serverless Computing, Data Lakes and Analytics, DevOps and Development Tools, Mobile Cloud Services. All of this allows you to fully exploit all the benefits of AWS.

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