7 Ways AWS Lambda Improves Your Business

AWS Lambda lets you run code without owning or managing servers, which is why it has become one of the preferred options of the most competitive companies in the current IT market, but surely you have wondered in what ways this technology can help your company. First of all, you have a highly available computing infrastructure that actively performs all the tasks necessary to manage your computing resources, including server and operating system maintenance, capacity provisioning and autoscaling, as well as code and software monitoring. registration functions. 

In summary, AWS Lambda is a role-based cloud service that eliminates the provisioning and maintenance needs of complex physical infrastructure.. Due to its very nature, your company will be able to save on the development cost to create and maintain the necessary infrastructure for everything to work efficiently. In addition, this technology provisions and manages the infrastructure on which your Lambda functions run, scales instances to circumvent excessive load times and have proper error handling.

7 Benefits of AWS Lambda
AWS lambda's serverless approach allows it to offer benefits and uses that are unique in the market.

The reduction offered by this service means faster development time for your app, financial sector companies They confess that thanks to this type of technology they were able to reduce the time between the start of planning and their release on the digital market by up to 6 months. So if you are planning to have an expansion in the different virtual stores, it could be a great option for you.

Additionally, AWS Lambda ensures that you are well-suited for applications at scale, as well as for early-stage applications. It even allows you run multiple functions simultaneously; that is, your company will not have to worry about the stuck queues that you would have suffered using other options. If you are interested in knowing more in detail how you can take advantage of these advantages, always remember to consult an expert team in the subject. Now, some of the ways that AWS Lambda can help your business are as follows:

7 Ways AWS Lambda Can Benefit You

Production cost savings

One of the great benefits that AWS Lambda offers over other cloud computing services is its serverless approach, since it allows you to pay only for what you use, minimizing operating costs. None of the price you pay at the end of the month goes towards unused minutes of server time, so you don't have to worry about peaking.

An attractive separate benefit of AWS Lambda is that it is transparent in its metrics, showing how it calculates server usage time. The billing policy rounds server time to the nearest 100 milliseconds, a far cry from other cloud providers who round to the nearest hour.

With the use of AWS Lambda and the rest of associated services, upstox reports a decrease in production costs: “We have realized significant savings by avoiding setting up a secondary data center. And that doesn't include the cost of making sure all data center hardware offers the same level of reliability that AWS offers. With AWS, we get that elasticity without having to invest in hardware up front.”

7 Benefits of AWS Lambda
AWS lambda's serverless approach enables significant production and usage cost savings.

Automatic scalability

Deriving from the previous point, significant savings come directly from the ability to automatically adjust to your needs. Let's say your company's app goes viral, either because an influencer recommended it or because it had a featured appearance on social media or traditional media. This could cause an overload on server requests and AWS Lambda has the perfect solution for these cases.

Server overload (even for good reasons), could cause your app to underperform and you urgently need to upgrade capacity to serve users. In traditional services it can be quite problematic or impossible. However, with AWS Lambda serverless, the application scales automatically. It doesn't matter if you need 3 requests in one minute and 2000 in the next; the very nature of serverless accommodates any sudden surge in usage. And you don't even have to intervene.

This same problem was faced by Upstox who, during peak periods, when the markets open and close, noticed that the traffic can be volatile (sometimes it triples or quintuples). By using Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) Auto Scaling, the performance of the Upstox platform is maintained during those peak periods in a stable manner. 

Unique Applications

Thanks to their serverless approach to AWS Lambda, there is a group of particular applications that they offer thanks to their easily accessible library. For example, Branch's team, a company that allows you to organize, buy and design various insurance packages, reports that it chose to take advantage of these libraries to speed up its development cycles, according to Adithya Reddy, an engineer at the company, thanks to this technology, in particular the authentication function, they were able to get to the MVP stage and customer onboarding faster. They assure that thanks to this type of technology, they reached the market 6 months faster than without them. 

This is not the only particular application, when you create an SNS, you can set notifications to be activated under certain conditions to keep you aware of your company. As an added bonus, you can easily use integrations with Slack or other messaging services to streamline your communication thanks to AWS Lambda.

Even automated chatbots are a great use case for AWS Lambda. Configure your code so that it fires when users make inputs to the bot. You will only pay for each time the bot is used and not for its constant maintenance.

Accelerated iterative development

Since your engineers will be able to push code directly from the vendor console, your developers have more time to spend improving the product without worrying about lead time. When new features are ready to ship, they can be done in a much more timely manner.

The video game studio and publisher Quantic Dreams says that their move to the cloud with AWS Lambda has helped them improve their performance: “Things have worked out much better than we expected. Our plan is to eventually move everyone to the cloud and there are no technical limitations preventing us from doing so. Our teams were pleasantly surprised by the result. Many of our employees and partners say it's almost like they're working in the Quantic studio, which is great to hear." In fact, this has allowed them to extend their workforce to different countries and regions.

7 Benefits of AWS Lambda
AWS Lambda technology provides secure workstations for both end workers and the business that uses them.

Security and Maintenance

As we mentioned, a large part of the maintenance and security of your information and data is taken care of by AWS Lambda. This frees up your technical staff for further innovation and product development. Additionally, once platform security has been locked down, various continuous delivery integrations, as mentioned above, may no longer be required. 

In Quantic Dreams they tell more about their case: “The end user only has access to the image or video that is streamed to their local workstation and not the actual asset, which is a great security feature. With NICE DCV, there were no data leaks of any kind.” So you won't have to worry about working with external equipment.

Consolidated functionality

Most modern businesses combine their marketing strategy with some kind of mass mailing program. AWS Lambda allows you to integrate your application server needs with bulk mail services like SES. Therefore, you can consolidate more of the functionality your team requires to operate under one house.

The productivity gains themselves justify Lambda. For example, Upstox reports that by using AWS Lambda and the other associated services, they had their data protection strategy covered: “We have realized significant savings by avoiding setting up a secondary data center. And that includes the cost of making sure all data center hardware offers the same level of reliability that AWS offers.”

Adaptability to mobile devices

Mobile backends with a serverless approach like the one offered by AWS Lambda make it easy for developers to easily create code that is secure, available, and perfectly scaled without having to gain special experience building robust mobile applications.

Similarly, variable workloads are easier to process on mobile devices. You don't need a complex multi-threaded system or scaling entire computing fleets to handle heavy workloads.

If you need to add or remove certain operational processes within your business model to adapt to changing market conditions, you can easily design and configure new modules to automate your business-related IT processes.

An example of this is that the same year that Upstox migrated to the AWS cloud, it launched its Upstox Pro Mobile application. Built for the iOS and Android operating systems, the app provides functionality similar to the desktop experience, allowing users to analyze their stock positions and make trades. Thanks to the scalability of AWS and AWS Lambda, Upstox has been able to deliver on its continued growth, with 85% % of transactions made through its mobile app. 

aws lambda serverless computing uses benefits
Remember that if you want to take advantage of the benefits offered by AWS Lambda you can contact our team specialized to find the perfect solutions for your company.

In such a way that the client has to study in detail which part or parts of their Industry are likely to be transferred to a serverless approach to become one of the success stories of AWS Lambda. As we have suggested, A fundamental element will be knowing the data processing that have a special level of protection granted by the legislation (for example, the conditions under which the service is provided must be verified prior to contracting in order to determine whether they offer an adequate level of compliance or not) .

The conditions offered by the providers must be contrasted with a checklist that includes, among others, elements related to the information provided, location of the treatment, existence of uploads, security policies, user rights and legal obligations of the service provider . If you are interested learn more about this, discover the solutions it offers and will offer Codster through Cloud Computing technology, as well as its correct Implementation. Surely we have the perfect solutions for your company such as AWS partners (Amazon Web Service).

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