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AWS Lambda, it is one of the strongest options to stay competitive and you may be interested in knowing how to contract this service. But, you may still have a couple of doubts about it, as to how its prices and applications work, as well as its partnerships, in this article we will address it. Similarly, if you are interested in knowing more in detail how you can take advantage of these advantages, always remember to consult an expert team in the subject. 

Thanks to the fact that it is a serverless platform cloud computing with a highly available computing infrastructure that actively performs all necessary tasks to manage computing resources, it can become a great ally for small, medium and large companies. It even provisions and manages the infrastructure your Lambda functions run on, scales instances to circumvent excessive load times and have proper error handling.

In fact, it is expected that size of the market grow from $445.3 billion in 2021 to $947.3 billion by 2026, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.3 1QT2 over the forecast period. The benefits offered by AWS Lambda are translate into faster development time for each application, greater agility as the team can get it done faster and more time spent on more important tasks like fixing bugs or new features. 

Now, how would an AWS Lambda contracting be organized for your company? In addition to the clients, other factors that come into play must be taken into account, such as the partners or partners of providers such as Codster. These offer additional applications that run from more basic services of the same. In addition, partners such as Codster stand between the client and the provider, being able to formalize their relationship with the latter with different contractual figures (reseller, independent seller, etc). Also, there are a couple of extra details worth considering.

In fact, the role of service partners such as AWS Lambda is paramount at the time of hiring. They are groups of experts who must go through a training and certification process that allows them to deepen their knowledge and skills in AWS. During this process they acquire basic training and basic technique, to later specialize in the different products that Amazon offers. In this way, having their support is essential to get the model that best suits your needs, a consultancy of people who not only know about serverless technologies, but are experts in Lambda and other AWS technologies.

How much does it cost to hire AWS Lambda?

As we've mentioned, AWS Lambda can run code for almost any type of backend application or service without you having to manage anything and paying only for what you use. You are charged based on the number of requests for your functions and the length of time it takes to run the code.

Now, you may be wondering what is an application and how is its cost quantified? Count as a request each time code starts executing in response to an event notification trigger (from Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) or Amazon EventBridge, for example) or an invoke call (from Amazon API Gateway, for example) or through the AWS SDK, including test calls from the AWS console.

The duration of these procedures and what you should pay for it calculated from the time the code starts executing until it returns or otherwise terminates, rounded to the nearest 1 millisecond. The price depends on the volume of memory allocated to the function. In the AWS Lambda resource model, you choose the amount of memory you want for your function, and then proportional capacity of CPU and other resources will be allocated. An increase in memory volume triggers an equivalent increase in CPU capacity available for the function.

You can run Lambda functions on processors built on the x86 or Arm architectures. AWS Lambda functions running on Graviton2, with an Arm-based processor architecture designed by AWS, offer up to 34 % better price performance compared to functions running on x86 processors. This applies to a variety of serverless workloads, such as web and mobile backends, data, and media processing.

aws lambda cost functions
AWS Lambda only charges you for what you use, each function you use, and the time you require.

Duration also includes the time it takes for the code in the last running extension to finish executing during the shutdown phase. In fact, If you want to review in more detail an approximate of your costs of use, you can use the AWS calculator. In case you still have doubts about whether it is a service for you, you can use the free tier of AWS Lambda which includes 1 million free requests per month and 400,000 GB-seconds of compute time per month, usable for functions with x86 and Graviton2 processors, together.

AWS Lambda is part of Compute Savings Plans, a flexible pricing model that offers low pricing for the use of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), AWS Fargate, and Lambda in exchange for committing to a constant amount of usage (measured in USD per hour) for a period of one or three years. With Compute Savings Plans you can save up to 17 % on AWS Lambda. Savings apply to duration and provisioned concurrency. 

What benefits does AWS Lambda have?

yesf you are becoming more and more convinced about hiring AWS Lambda, you might want to know what benefits it has. You can use any third party library, even native ones. You can also package any code (frameworks, SDKs, libraries, etc.) as a Lambda layer, and easily manage and share it across multiple functions. Lambda natively supports Java, Go, PowerShell, Node.js, C#, Python, and Ruby code, and provides a runtime API that allows you to use any additional programming language to create your functions.

You can use AWS Lambda to create new backend application services triggered on demand using the Lambda application programming interface (API) or custom API endpoints created using Amazon API Gateway. Lambda processes custom events rather than serving them on the client side, which helps you avoid client platform variations, reduce battery consumption, and enable easier updates.

Similarly, variable workloads are easier to process on mobile devices. You don't need a complex multi-threaded system or scaling entire computing fleets to handle heavy workloads. If you need to add or remove certain operational processes within your business model to adapt to changing market conditions, you can easily design and configure new modules to automate your business-related IT processes.

aws lambda functions
AWS Lambda allows you to work on the backend so that you don't have to interrupt your workflow.

An example of this is that the same year that Upstox migrated to the AWS cloud, it launched its application Upstox Pro Mobile. Built for the iOS and Android operating systems, the app provides functionality similar to the desktop experience, allowing users to analyze their stock positions and make trades. Thanks to the scalability of AWS and AWS Lambda,

Run Code in Response to Amazon CloudFront Requests

On the other hand, with Lambda@Edge, AWS Lambda can execute code across global AWS locations in response to Amazon CloudFront events remotely, such as requests for content to or from readers or origin servers. This makes it easy to deliver richer, more personalized content with lower latency to end users. 

With AWS Step Functions, you can even coordinate multiple AWS Lambda functions for complex or long-running tasks. Step Functions allows you to define workflows capable of triggering different Lambda functions by using sequential, parallel, forking, or error-handling steps. In this way, you could work on the backend without problems.

Code signing for AWS Lambda allows you to verify that only unaltered code published by approved developers is deployed to your Lambda functions. Simply create digitally signed code artifacts and configure your Lambda functions to verify signatures on deployment. This increases the speed and agility of your application development, even within large teams, while enforcing high security standards.

Use Amazon RDS Proxy to take advantage of fully managed connection pools for relational databases. RDS Proxy efficiently manages thousands of concurrent connections to relational databases, making it easy to build highly scalable and secure Lambda-based serverless applications that interact with relational databases. RDS Proxy currently offers support for MySQL and Aurora. You can use RDS Proxy for your serverless applications through the Amazon RDS or Lambda console.

Provisioned concurrency gives you greater control over the performance of your serverless application. When enabled, provisioned concurrency keeps functions activated and in the highest state of readiness to respond in double-digit milliseconds. In addition, it is ideal for any application that requires greater control over the start time of functions. Easily configure and adjust the concurrency your application needs. Scale up, scale out, or turn it off entirely based on demand. 

Security and Maintenance

As we mentioned, a large part of the maintenance and security of your information and data is taken care of by AWS Lambda. This frees up your technical staff for further innovation and product development. Additionally, once platform security has been locked down, various continuous delivery integrations, as mentioned above, may no longer be required. 

In Quantic Dreams they tell more about their case: “The end user only has access to the image or video that is streamed to their local workstation and not the actual asset, which is a great security feature. With NICE DCV, there were no data leaks of any kind.” So you won't have to worry about working with external equipment.

Most modern businesses combine their marketing strategy with some kind of mass mailing program. AWS Lambda allows you to integrate your application server needs with bulk mail services like SES. Therefore, you can consolidate more of the functionality your team requires to operate under one house.

aws lambda benefits
The benefits offered by AWS Lambda are several and include a vast improvement in the quality of security and maintenance of your company.

Code signing for AWS Lambda allows you to verify that only unaltered code published by approved developers is deployed to your Lambda functions. Simply create digitally signed code artifacts and configure your Lambda functions to verify signatures on deployment. This increases the speed and agility of your application development, even within large teams, while enforcing high security standards.

If you are interested learn more about this, discover the solutions it offers and will offer Codster through Cloud Computing technology, as well as its correct Implementation. Surely we have the perfect solutions for your company such as AWS partners (Amazon Web Service).

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