5 cloud monitoring tools you should know

He cloud monitoring refers to the process of evaluating, proactively and in real time, the health of cloud-based IT infrastructures, in order to determine levels of availability, performance and security, as well as to discover and correct details before it is seen affected the end user experience.

At current market, valued at $ 1,335.75 million in 2020 and which is expected to reach 4,549.30 million dollars in 2026, there are several Technological tools that allow you to develop such monitoring in the cloud in the entire environment, including storage, networks and applications, in a scalable, holistic, cost-effective (pay per subscription), automated, remote and secure way. Among the most notable you find:

1. Amazon Cloudwatch

Is about an Amazon service, specially developed for cloud monitoring and observation of your AWS (Amazon Web Services) applications, resources and services that run on both local and AWS servers.

The data and reports it produces, in the form of logs, metrics and events, allow you to respond to performance changes that affect the system, optimize the use of resources and unify the visibility of the status of operations. In addition, you can automate part of the monitoring and configure alerts to detect anomalous behavior in your environments.

2. Datadog

It is one of the cloud monitoring tools most important of the moment. In fact, Datadogwas recognized by Gartner as Magic Quadrant 2021 for application performance monitoring.

With turnkey integrations, it provides monitoring of servers, databases, tools and services, SaaS providers and any cloud-based technology, through an intuitive dashboard, alerts, automations, and metric displays that you can customize based on your specific needs.

What's more, is a current partner with AWS and includes full-text search capabilities for metrics and events, sharing and discussion tools to facilitate team collaboration, and access to APIs to implement unique infrastructures.

3. Trend Micro Cloud One

Is about one of the most complete cybersecurity platforms of the moment. It is also a partner of Amazon Web Services and the company, with more than 20 years of experience, has been recognized as a leader in server security.

Your services cloud monitoring, They help you gain immediate visibility into your entire IT infrastructure and environment, as well as accelerate compliance requirements using world-class metrics and solutions that detect and stop threats faster.

4. AppDynamics 

The platform provides enterprise-grade cloud performance monitoring and analytics capabilities. Using state-of-the-art technology and an intuitive dashboard, it enables you to quickly identify anomalies in your application infrastructure and ecosystem, ranging from third-party APIs to code flaws.

5. Google Cloud

This tool, formerly known as Stackdriver, includes integrated monitoring, logging and trace services for applications, systems and cloud-based monitoring technology running on Google Cloud and other environments like AWS EC2.

It allows you to track application performance data, complete diagnostic, logging, and monitoring tasks, configure alerts, automate crawls, and detect errors in real time.

These monitoring services will allow you to fully exploit the advantages of Cloud Computing. In Codster, we are experts in the implementation of  Cloudwatch and the rest, based on the specific characteristics of your IT infrastructure, application ecosystem and digital transformation objectives.

Alejandra Correa

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