Amazon Cognito as Identity Manager for Application Management

In the development of mobile and web applications, identity management (identity manager) It is key to favor cost savings, optimize the customer experience, ensure regulatory compliance on data protection and enhance security for users and companies. Need that has been resolved since 2014 by Amazon Cognito.

How does it help Amazon Cognito and Identity Manager at the management and protection of identities?

It is one of the services of the Amazon Web Services architecture. Basically, it provides authentication, authorization and user administration functionalities for the development of your Web applications and mobile, both hybrid and native.

It also allows you to integrate user control in Cognito own systems and from identity providers such as Facebook, Google, Amazon, thus optimizing the processes of account creation and access to systems.

The two main components of Amazon Cognito are:

  • User groups: User directories that offer registration and login options. In addition, they enable social login with Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple, and through SAML and OIDC identity providers.
  • Identity groups: They provide your users with AWS credentials to temporarily access AWS services, such as S3 and DynamoDB.

In the development of your Web applications and mobile phones, you can use the two components in isolation or together, avoiding the complex process that would involve programming an identity manager from scratch. You just have to do the respective configuration from the AWS management console with Amazon Cognito and Identity Manager.

How do you improve the management and protection of identity in the applications?

Once you integrate the service, you have a management and proof of identity completely secure and efficient, not only because of the fully efficient startup and registration functionalities, but also because of the relevance and quality of the access control to AWS resources, which allows you to establish roles and assign them to users, so that each of them access only permitted functions.

The service operates under the conditions established by HIPAA and meets the requirements of PCI DSS, SOC, ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 27017, ISO/IEC 27018 and ISO 9001 standards.

What does this mean? Using simple but powerful tools, you protect all the information in transit or at rest of the users who create accounts in your application, thus reducing the risks associated with cybercrime and data breaches that can cost a company so much.

It considers that, according to the report Cost of a Data Breach 2021, from IBM, the theft of personally identifiable customer information was very common during 2021 (44% of violations) and cost $ 180 per lost record.

In the end, it is a identity manager that will allow you to efficiently implement processes and policies associated with the complete management of the life cycle of each user, maintaining optimal security, regulatory compliance and complete controls of access rights in a wide range of resources.

Of course, with the main benefit of doing it through AWS, which with more than 200 comprehensive data center services globally is the world's most comprehensive and adopted cloud platform.

At Codster we are certified Amazon Web Services partner and we offer you the service of Identity Manager for handling and development of your applications. We can help you integrate into your application this service and / or any other from the AWS portfolio.

Alejandra Correa

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