What is the data lake in Data Analytics and its advantages?

Along with new technologies, new strategies and tools have also emerged that allow companies to be more competitive. In this sense, a very popular term in recent times is that of Business Intelligence (BI).

He BI is about using data from the past and present to make better decisions for the future. In other words, the Business intelligence transform raw data into relevant information.

But, to achieve this, you first need to collect and store data (it can be through a Data Lake) and the ability to analyze them (Data Analytics) to turn them into useful information.

What is the Data Lake?

A Data Lake, also know as data lake, more than a tool it is a strategy. It's about a flat repository where any amount of data is stored in its original form (may or may not be gross) and that may come from various sources.

Now, each data element is assigned an identifier and a set of labels, so that when you make a query, data relevant to the subject is used. process of analysis and transformation with data analytics.

Another form of storage, and much older, is the Data Warehouse, a model consisting of extract, transform and load. This means that before storing the data must be processed. On the contrary, in a Data Lake the process consists of first extract, then load and finally transform.

This allows businesses to capture data from a greater number of sources and have more effective analysis. For this reason, Data Lake, Business Intelligence and Analytics are terms that go hand in hand today.

AWS Data Lake Benefits for Business

Once these concepts are understood, it is time to delve into the advantages that a solution such as AWS Data Lake, Amazon's data lake service.

Cloud solution

A data lake hosted in the cloud, like AWS, provides you with scalability, security, and availability.

In addition, as it is a scalable service, the dimensions of your Data Lake adapt to the amount of data you need to store, as well as you can associate the AWS services from Data Analytics what you wish. In this way, you also get greater profitability, since you only pay for what you consume.

Improve customer interactions

On the other hand, the AWS Data Lake lets you combine customer data Hosted in the CRM with the analysis of data from social networks, purchase histories, incident reports, among other sources, so that you can understand your customers and provide them with better service.

Increase operational efficiency

Currently, a wide variety of vehicles, machines, household appliances and other devices connected to the Internet (IoT) are used to execute operations, allowing data to be obtained from them.

A data lake makes it easy to store and analyze the data generated by these appliances to discover ways to reduce operating costs and increase product quality.

Classification and safety

Now, for the Data Lake and the stored data to be truly effective, they need to be labeled correctly. AWS Data Lake it has the ability to track, catalog and index data effectively, as well as ensure data security.

If you want to implement a Data Lake (Business Intelligence) with all the advantages offered by Amazon Web Servicesyou can always count on Codster, an expert partner in AWS technologies willing to assist you and help you throughout the process.

Alejandra Correa

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