DevSecOps is cloud-enhanced security for your business

The technological future of companies is automating operation and security to make costs more efficient. This happens thanks to the implementation of DevSecOps and its great benefits in terms of security measures in software and hardware, guaranteeing a safe and optimal code delivery, solving traditional security problems, among other factors that we will see in this article.

What is DevSecOps?

In the past, companies needed to deliver more value faster, even if that meant not getting an effective result. With the development of DevOps (Developers Operations), the technology ecosystem was modified and an environment was created where the delivery of software is done with greater optimization and reduce vulnerable technological components.

DevSecOps starts from this methodology, but with the difference where security is crucial from the beginning, the development of a software and based on a complete cycle for its optimization. This with the aim of reducing the time in the creation processes of a technological process, having greater scalability and security throughout the cycle.

What are the benefits of using DevSecOps for your company?

The idea of incorporating it is that it allows the development of applications with a greater margin of safety, without losing efficiency in the process. And it does so through very defined characteristics:

  • Detection of vulnerabilities from scratch and automatically.
  • Easy collaboration, as part of a same-cycle connection with developers, operators, and security.
  • There is greater response to changes and requirements quickly and efficiently.
  • It helps to have better collaboration and communication between teams.
  • It allows to obtain a vulnerability assessment to detect errors and change them in a project.
  • Good security practices are achieved for your company's system and development teams.

Is it the only thing to consider?

According to the 2020 Threat Report: Addressing Security Configurations Amid a State of Constant Change, established that 92% of IT professionals don't believe their organization is ready to protect public cloud services. This happens because not only does it depend on taking care of security as a fundamental part of the team of developers and operators, but also the infrastructure as part of the technological future in the areas of IT and its operation.

Concepts such as cloud storage servers plus DevSecOps increase security measures in software and hardware in your company. In other words, outsourced services coupled with an agile model that allows better decision-making, makes a change in the life cycle of any application or system.

Speed is the new way to achieve a change in your services, because every time there is a problem, the DevSecOps method allows you to make security deployments quickly and efficiently, compared to the expense that would be made to replace or correct an error after mistake.

Today, cloud computing and methods such as DevSecOps are fundamental for the operation of infrastructure and technology security in companies, it no longer only depends on the joint work of developers and operations, they are also based on cloud computing solutions as tools to speed up the times and costs of your projects without loss of capital.

Alejandra Correa

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