3 benefits of an electronic file software

Have you ever used electronic filing software? Increase the capture of digital documentation and accelerate data analysis allowing you to establish a financial profile in minutes.

In financial processes, truthfulness in the management of digital documents is everything. That is why at Codster today we present a platform that guarantees information security and provides agility in the validation of documents that your organization needs.

What is an electronic file?

To begin, let's define that an electronic file is a set of digital files that are part of a process or process flow. That in the case of Codster electronic filing software It is intended for the processes of the financial industry.

All relevant documentation associated with a profile (client, user or even another system) is ordered within the file, allowing better management in terms of information governance and acceleration in the processes of the organizations.

Digitization has allowed us to leave the large filing cabinets of paper in oblivion. Having the key information when it is needed without depending on a specific location or physical object. But still preserving the information and the criteria of legitimacy (such as stamps or signatures) or any type of data that grants validity.

The advantages of electronic filing software

When we talk about what an electronic file is and how to carry out a modern management of these, we refer to one that uses technologies in line with the times; flexible and agile for secure management. In this sense, there are three great advantages of using software like ours.

A modular architecture software

We understand modular architecture as a sophistication of the idea of microservices. This type of solution allows digital platform administrators to easily incorporate top-level functionalities without having to affect or condition internal business systems.

Our documentation software links via API, allowing it to be compatible with other systems and flexible to adaptations. Leaving in the past the classic compatibility limitations of monolithic systems.


We understand serverless such as the ability to execute services and processes without having the need to have the physical infrastructure for it. That is, without requiring your own servers or local computers.

Anything involving computing resources becomes the responsibility of the provider of the software that performs the functions.

This is the grace of having software as services or SaaS, given that are cloud-based to be always available to the needs of your organization and the successes of this approach abound.

Simplicity in managing digital documents

Have the files online helps manage them from end to end in a decentralized way. In other words, you will be able to review documents in minutes, speeding up the response of your clients without depending on a specific location.

You will be able to give traceability of the documents by having a high governance of the information. So we should never delay our operations for a document or file that someone lost.

The best thing is that it allows to obtain a better approximation to the data, also enhancing the evidence-based decision making.

At Codster you will find experts who will advise and accompany you to find a modern solution that meets your financial needs. Handing you a electronic file software that allows you to easily receive, review and manage digital files at all times.

Alejandra Correa

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