How to prepare for remote work with cloud services?

Cloud or cloud services are internet tools that help execute various tasks in a company and facilitate remote work.

Among the possibilities is the ease of accessing the information stored in the cloud servers from anywhere with an internet connection.

Cloud resources can manage a large amount of data, which is very beneficial for the administration of a company. This technology can be found in 2 types of services:

  • Public cloud. In this case, cloud services are available to any internet user. The platform only provides the service for a payment, either for the space they occupy or the bandwidth consumed by users.
  • Private cloud: It is a space of cloud services limited to a number of users through a business network. This network can be managed within a company or through an external provider.

Regardless of the type of cloud service used, it is essential to look for the safest option and with a better cost-benefit ratio according to the needs of the work, in addition, it allows users to work simultaneously to avoid interruptions in the service.

What are the services that cloud computing offers?

The Cloud Computing services in Mexico and the most used in the world are information storage and databases, tools for developers, tools to monitor and optimize cloud components, IoT services, business applications.

Among the main advantages of companies that offer cloud computing services or work with these tools, we can highlight the ease of implementing remote work and improving the opportunities enjoyed by this work model.

A International Workplace Group study indicates that 70% of the world's workforce works at home once a week. More companies are becoming interested in integrating the home office to take advantage of the benefits it offers and it is an indication of what the work models will be like in the future.

Understanding what services cloud computing offers can make a great differentiating contribution for organizations that implement this tool, since it is possible to increase the productivity of employees by providing them with elements that allow them to work quickly, centrally or optimized.

This can be achieved because in the cloud you will find all the information necessary to fulfill your work tasks and migrate data to upload it to the digital workspace.

Likewise, efforts to develop a reliable cloud service have established security in these systems, which includes protection measures to safeguard critical information against spoofing, theft, deletion and data leakage in an organization.

In this way, cloud security is a guarantee for the progress of business operations, Amazon Cloud solutions are an example of the above.

How have Amazon Cloud services improved remote work?

Amazon is one of the companies that offer cloud computing services within their work processes. The solutions of this company allow employees to stay connected remotely and continue with the expected productivity.

Consequently, Amazon Web Services Cloud services work to improve the digital activities of companies that are interested in their cloud, since data storage is available to anyone who wants to purchase the service, it can work on a large scale and everything is always very safe way.

This helps companies reduce investment in private cloud infrastructure, achieving a more efficient use of their resources and establishing measures to operate with remote work processes.

To apply remote work properly and ensure the protection of a company's information, it is necessary implement quality cloud services that incorporate the latest advances in technology and security.

Alejandra Correa

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