What is the HubSpot API integration and how does it help your business?

Understand what is Hubspot API It can be a boost for business, considering that this platform is one of the most recognized for entrepreneurs and even corporations.

Let's review some of the basics below, so you can discover for yourself the main benefits that Hubspot's API integration can give you.

What is API integration?

It is understood by API integration (from the acronym Application Programming Interfaces or Application Programming Interface) to the process by which the interaction of applicants with a specific software service is facilitated. By integrating APIs, you are employing a kind of intermediate programming structure between your devices and the required applications.

An API can be very beneficial for business, since the type of communications to be established at the intermediary level is previously established, which can translate into more agile processes and more secure systems.

What is Hubspot?

Hubspot is a platform that offers tools and solutions for marketing, sales and customer service, with a special focus on companies that want to implement marketing strategies. inbound marketing.

One of the great points in favor of Hubspot is that, through a complete software suite, it allows you to control your marketing and sales actions, including after-sales service, in one place.

Advantages of HubSpot API integration

Now that you know what Hubspot is and what API is, it is easier to understand the advantages of carrying out this type of integration in your business.

First of all, Hubspot's solutions fall into two broad categories: a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and a CMS (Content Management System). By implementing these two tools, your business will be able to access different types of solutions, such as the following.

For CRM:

  • Management of the sales pipeline.
  • Lead management.
  • Chatbot development.
  • Advice on email automation.
  • Form development.

For CMS:

  • Security against threats and preparation of respective reports.
  • Website development tailored to your business.
  • SEO optimization for your site.
  • Version control with GitHub.
  • Management of your content (blog).

But that's not all, because with Hubspot's tools you can organize, measure and cultivate relationships with your customers in one place, helping you make smarter decisions and implement more effective strategies.

In this way, by integrating Hubspot APIs into your business systems, you will be able to access all this and much more in a simple and intuitive way, saving time for marketing and sales managers who must interact with the platform, and helping to connect effectively your own interface with Hubspot solutions. In other words, you will not lose control of your data, while at the same time you enjoy a platform that will allow you to better focus on what is worthwhile: growing your business.

At Codster we will be happy to advise you and help you with your Hubspot integration strategy with your processes. You will be able to meet your marketing and sales objectives by developing a landing page, contact forms, chatbots and other solutions for this platform, integrating its APIs in a simple and fast way, making possible a more intuitive interaction with your Hubspot account.

Alejandra Correa

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