4 Machine Learning applications for your company

The technological advancement of the last decades has revealed an unprecedented trend. In the contemporary scenario, the key concept is that of digital transformation, where machine learning -part of artificial intelligence- plays an essential role.

Along these lines, according to statistics from the ECLAC report on digital transformation by 2022, the business presence on the internet grew by 800% in Mexico as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. On the other hand, a 14% from IT professionals by 2021 ensures that your company implements artificial intelligence in its processes. These data reveal a favorable scenario for apply artificial intelligence and machine learning in companies.

Machine Learning applications for your company

Here are 4 applications of machine learning in companies and discover how you can take advantage of this type of technology to boost your business to unexpected levels. Let us begin:

1. Computer vision - Amazon Rekognition

Computer vision is one of the essential machine learning applications for businesses that use large volumes of images and videos. Through this technology, you will be able to detect inappropriate content for your business, without the need to review it frame by frame.

Amazon Rekognition Allows you to automate computer vision through a fast implementation, customizable solution, without the need to create models or complex infrastructure.

2. Automated Data Extraction and Analysis - Amazon Textract

Do you need an automated database to extract text, handwriting, scanned information or other complex reading documents? This is another of the applications of machine learning: Amazon Textract, which allows you to identify and contextualize valuable information from documents, tables and graphs, without the need to do it by hand.

With this tool you will be able to read through artificial intelligence your documents that are in an automated database, without the need for complex configurations or template development.

3. Language AI - Amazon Lex

The importance of the chatbot lies mainly in that: a chat tool, one of the essential channels in the era of social networks. In fact, did you know that chat is often a very powerful indicator of engagement for RRSS algorithms, even through chatbots?

With Amazon Lex You will be able to make use of machine learning in an intelligent chatbot, helping to understand the intention of the client, respect the context and thus automate more appropriate responses, all this without spending on hardware or infrastructure.

4. Code and DevOps - Amazon CodeGuru

This is a particularly useful application for companies that need to constantly review code, or in those in which web development plays a key role and where performance is an indisputable imperative.

From this need is born Amazon CodeGuru, an API that offers all the functions you need to automate your code reviews, helping you detect very expensive lines, allowing you to improve their quality, all through recommendations powered by machine learning.

If you are interested in learning more about this, then discover the machine learning solutions that we have at Codster for your company. We are an official partner of Amazon Web Services, and we want to help you implement your digital transformation strategy with the help of a group of experts.

Alejandra Correa

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