AWS Lambda microservices to build your applications

 The architecture AWS Lambda has become a key computing service to execute code for almost any type of application or backend service, since lets you do it without the need to provision or manage servers, paying only for the computing time you consume.

To enhance its functionalities, it integrates highly functional microservices that optimize application development time and make it easier to scale.

What are the microservices built into the AWS Lambda architecture? 

In general terms, it is an architectural and organizational approach for the development of software made up of small independent services that communicate through perfectly determined APIs.

With the AWS Lambda microservices architecture, you can develop, implement, operate and scale each component without affecting the operation of other services. In addition, each of them is designed for a set of capabilities and is aimed at solving a specific problem.

In that sense, it differs from monolithic approaches in that processes do not run as a single service, making it much easier to add or improve features as the code base grows or new ideas emerge. 

Additionally, it reduces the risk of application availability, typical of monolithic architectures because many dependent and closely related processes increase the possibilities and impact of error on operations.

Advantages of this approach include: 

  • Facilitate application innovation and accelerate time-to-market for new features.
  • Shortens development cycle times. 
  • Cost reduction in the construction and execution of software systems.
  • Flexible scaling
  • Simple deployment, with no servers to manage.

In addition, the reusable code, since the division of the software into small and well-defined modules gives you the possibility of using functions for different purposes. 

Microservices use cases

AWS Lambda It is the most mature serverless platform and widely adopted by companies of all types to create and manage applications on a global scale. According to Enlyft, a platform powered by Artificial Intelligence to discover and understand millions of companies around the world, points out that the architecture is used by about 7,912 organizations, with a presence in the United States.  

The use cases are multiple and range from startups looking to reduce the initial cost of infrastructure, to established companies looking to develop products to quickly launch them to market. However, between the success stories It should be noted that of Airbnb. 

This company, a year after its launch and due to problems with its provider, migrated all its services and functions to AWS, which was the starting point for a much more efficient and scalable application.

You also find the case of Localytics, a company of engagement and analysis of mobile and web applications, use the AWS microservices architecture to create new small services to access streaming data without the need to integrate them with the main analytics application.

In practice, this ability eliminated the need to provision and manage infrastructure to run each microservice, while processing billions of data points per month and significantly reducing time-to-market for new products. 

Once clear what are microservices, you can get an idea of how you could exploit them to optimize processes in your company. Codster is a partner of AWS Lambda and has helped many companies in adopting a serverless culture and by development and implementation of services with this platform. At Codster you can contact us to receive detailed advice and start building your applications with AWS Lambda technology.

Alejandra Correa

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