How to modernize applications with AWS Lambda serverless?

Driven primarily by the new needs brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, an 87% of organizations in Mexico accelerated their digital transformation.

Under this framework, many of the decision makers have been realizing the importance not only of implementing digital tools, but above all that they have the latest technologies.

AWS Lambda, for example, allows modernize applications through its serverless technology. But What is Lambda? And what are these "serverless" solutions?

What is Lambda and what does it have to do with app development?

First things first: AWS is the acronym for Amazon Web Services, while Lambda, for its part, is one of the many solutions offered by AWS. That being said, AWS Lambda consists of a serverless computing platform that is based on events and that allows you to execute code without having to manage servers.

Thus, through AWS Lambda serverless you can access a whole digital ecosystem that facilitates application modernization, allowing development teams to worry only about the correct execution of the code and the scalability of the apps, without having to waste time on administrative tasks in terms of servers.

In addition, being charged only for the code computation time (since Lambda runs the code only when the instruction is given), resources are optimized, allowing surpluses to be focused on the implementation of more modern technologies for apps, such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things or integration with other services.

Why does AWS help modernize apps and how to achieve it?

With this in mind, now it is time to introduce some key concepts that will help to understand how to achieve a better modernization journey in the development of apps, all of which are integrated as technologies that are part of the ecosystem of Amazon AWS Serverless.

  • Data Analytics: The implementation of the analysis and processing of mass data allows transforming them into useful information to facilitate decision-making.
  • Microservices: it refers to the type of architecture of an app's code, and its main objective is to avoid a monolithic structure, promoting “microsystems”, which are easier to manage.
  • Serverless: refers to computer services or architectures that do not require servers on premises, in Spanish it is literally translated as "without servers".
  • DevOps: from English Development Operations, it is a methodology whose objective is to optimize the ecosystem of technology that allows the development of software from the first stages.

The main objective of this modernization strategy is to start working with all apps in a cloud computing format, that is, to run in the cloud.

To do this successfully, start with your legacy systems or applications and first migrate them to AWS Lambda Serverless, considering which parts of the code can be turned into microservices.

In parallel, all these processes must be executed according to DevOps methodologies, achieving a better optimization from the beginning, and also through the serverless technology offered by the platform, so that the code can be accessed from anywhere, and being able to concentrate the team's resources only on the correct development.

Finally, AWS has 15 engines to manage the data, being able to choose the ones that best adapt to what we need.

Advantages of Modernize Apps with AWS Lambda

Some of the benefits of working with this platform for app development are:

  • Constant scaling, in accordance with the workload.
  • Cost reduction by avoiding the provision of servers and hiring managers to manage them.
  • Consistent performance, allowing optimization of code execution time as needed.
  • Automation of the company's infrastructure, thanks to cloud technology.

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Alejandra Correa

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