Integrate Live Streaming platforms in your company with SaaS mode

Today, the trend among consumers is looking for digital services and experiences. One of the best ways is by means of a SaaS with Live Streaming functions that connect users live to offer them a comfortable alternative to face-to-face.

Learn more about the benefits of this type of platform and some usage examples below.

Benefits of a Live Streaming software

He live streaming is more than a tool for influencers or promotion on social networks. Its versatility has made it a communication channel that adapts to the needs of any company, saving money, time and energy when traveling.

At the same time, thanks to the fact that you can offer a quality service online through live streaming, you can reduce the operational costs related to face-to-face care.

Today, all businesses in the field of telemedicine, education, mentoring, customer service or recruitment, to name a few sectors, benefit greatly from the Live Streaming.

In this sense, some examples of use are the One-on-one dates, webinars, live interviews, real-time Q&A, and more.

Coaching software: Expand the horizon of your business

In the coaching business, video conferencing software is indispensable. But what about the other areas of the business that require attention, like scheduling and payment processing?

SeeUs is a coaching software that stands out for offering much more than live streaming. It is a complete tool that allows you to manage reservations, receive payments and connect with the client on the scheduled day and time.

In brief, these are some of its main characteristics:

You manage sessions with ease

Both clients and employees can manage their time in an optimal way, thanks to an integrated calendar that allows to manage appointments and time availability semi-automatically. This will prevent phone lines and chat channels from becoming congested, as customers will have the option to book sessions on their own.

You enjoy cloud services

By taking advantage of the modality SaaS (Software as a Service), the web application can be used by employees and clients from any browser, without complexities. You can even customize the look & feeling of the system to the style of your brand.

If you prefer to use your own site or application for video conferencing, you can do so with cloud services via an API- A method that will allow you to connect your site with streaming software in Android, iOS, Windows or MacOS applications.

You receive payments online

Avoid complicating the payment process for your customers. Keep it simple so that nothing changes his intention to stay with you. SeeUs has a payment gateway that accepts credit and debit card transactions, thus centralizing payments on the same platform.

You pay for what you use

Forget the monthly payments, you will only pay for what you consume. The charge can be agreed by session, minute, GB of storage or number of users.

Through SeeUs you can hold streaming sessions with up to 250 people and access previous broadcasts online, since you will have a history of all interactions. If you want to digitize your coaching sessions and you don't know where to start, Codster It provides you with a comprehensive service for you to implement a Live streaming Software as a Service platform. Contact us to start enjoying new opportunities for your business.

Alejandra Correa

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