Practical guide to take advantage of cloud computing services

study by the consultancy IDC estimate that the adoption of cloud computing services or Cloud Computing in Latin America will grow by 26.7% in 2021. This is because companies need to streamline and optimize their tasks to adapt to the demands of the market and customers. In fact, in this context of health contingency, a structure of this type is key to support teleworking.

Now, what is the cloud?

As a business professional, you probably know that clouding is a model in which all the activity of an organization is enabled through the internet: Your servers, networks, storage, development tools, and applications. In addition to online access, other features of cloud computing services are their immediate delivery without installation, possibility of share resources, flexibility to adapt to the operations of each organization and base system pay per use. Even this environment offers cloud native technologies: applications that are created there and designed to permanently optimize that ecosystem based on the needs of the users.

What are the advantages of cloud computing?

There are several benefits that cloud computing offers you, such as the possibility that all the employees of your company can operate without the need to be present in the same place. That the collaborators do not have to go to the offices means a cost savings maintenance of a physical structure. Even being a service in which you usually pay for the actual consumption of the resources you contract, it is also beneficial for the economy of your company. Depending on the plan you buy, you can access other advantages of cloud computing such as personalize according to how the processes of your organization are or not worry about software updates, since your provider will take care of that work. Hiring a good service will also make your company employees able to store a large amount of information and safely.

What examples of cloud computing are there?

When talking about the types of cloud computing services out there, you should know the main three:

Public cloud

With this model, you can access resources hosted in a data center that you share with other users or organizations and managed by your provider, who is also in charge of the corresponding maintenance. Therefore, it turns out the option more economical and the ideal one for those companies that do not know much about the subject and do not want to allocate too many resources to it yet.

Private cloud

Another example of cloud computing is one in which you have complete control of information and security. If your company requires more flexibility to customize its ecosystem of activities and have a maximum level of privacy, this is the alternative you should choose.

Hybrid cloud

Basically, it's about a mix of the previous twoas the data and applications can be found in both environments. This option is chosen by entities that want to take advantage of the workloads established in a public cloud, but keeping the confidentiality provided by the private one.

Codster: your ideal ally in cloud computing

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