Predictions and trends for the technological future of your companies

According to estimates by the International Data Corporation (IDC), by 2023 spending on digital transformation will grow to more than 50% of all ICT investment in the world, with the main inclination being data intelligence and analysis. However, for the coming years there is also interest in technologies that promote new work practices, such as cybersecurity, cloud storage servers and digital work applications, such as Project Management Systems or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

Given the great variety of areas under development, this time we will talk about the predictions for the technological future of companies, which will substantially change their operation and administration rules.

Technology trends 2020

Here are some of the main trends as part of the technological future, both in companies in Mexico and around the world.

1. Artificial intelligence (AI)

The technological future continues to prioritize the digital experience, however, this time it wants to promote through human experience platforms. Through Artificial intelligence, digital tools will be able to detect behaviors, emotions, facial expressions and more, to better understand humans and create more personalized interactions.

One of the most basic AI integrations for this purpose is in bots, which collect information about consumers to improve their user experiences. However, it is intended that this go further, allowing to identify, even, factors of distraction or stress in the collaborators, through its collaborative programs —software that integrates work in one place and authorizes the participation of several users— to design better environments and workflows.

2. Cloud storage servers

According to Deloitte's 2020 Technology Trends Study, cloud-related spending is expected in the next 3 years double of its percentage allocated in ICT. However, this time they will bet more on the hybrid cloud, a virtual space that combines a private cloud and a public cloud, to have greater control of the information that is handled within an organization.

When combined, hybrid services increase the capacity of cloud computing, allow the infrastructure to be adjusted to the needs of the company, save on costs by paying only for the resources used, and facilitate the data migration, performing workloads in stages.

Technology companies in Mexico such as Codster They have cloud services that help scale different types of businesses through new strategies and the development of digital products.

3. Blockchain

According to Gartner's predictions, the blockchain It will be increasingly used to authenticate that content is real. Therefore, in application development it will be essential to prove that a file is authentic and has not changed since it was backed up.

To do this, each file is assigned a unique seal, which adds a higher level of confidence to the validity of the data. This is especially useful to confirm customer records, product certifications, invoices paid, existence of legal documents, and more, within the processes of organizations.

4. Big Data Analysis

Guarantee the data quality it is important for companies to make decisions relevant to their business. Therefore, it is seeking to integrate Automated Machine Learning technology or machine learning in digital products and services that already incorporate a Big Data ecosystem.

Undoubtedly, the technological future involves the implementation of increasingly innovative technologies, which allow not only to optimize processes, but to make them safer, more accessible and more precise. Therefore, if you want to increase the storage capacity in the cloud or improve your data architecture, approach technology companies in Mexico such as Codster, and so you can implement cloud services adjusted to your needs.

Alejandra Correa

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