How is the Data Lake and Machine Learning related?

Know the relationship between machine learning and data lake It will allow you to implement strategies that, both in the short and long term, will help you make better decisions and detect business opportunities that, without said strategy, would go unnoticed.

However, for many managers this relationship is not so obvious. To understand it correctly, first know what data lake is and what machine learning consists of, in brief paragraphs.

What is data lake?

data lake -also called a data lake- is a type of computing strategy by which large amounts of data are stored in their original form (structured or unstructured), regardless of the sources they come from.

Whereas in the past, data repository strategies focused on extracting, transforming, and then loading (in that order), a data lake strategy prioritizes extraction first, then loading, and finally transformation. Among other things, this allows you to capture data from a larger amount of data and in a more efficient way.

What is machine learning?

Also known as machine or machine learning, the machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence whose objective is to provide applications with a kind of "intelligence" and "thinking" similar to human based on data analysis, allowing apps to learn and improve their accuracy over time .

In this way, applications use algorithms and criteria by which they can identify patterns and correlations between massive data, which in the long run will allow them to make increasingly precise predictions and become increasingly optimized processes.

Data lake and machine learning: an unbeatable complement

Now that you know what it is machine learning and data lake, it is easier to relate these two concepts. according to a aberdeen investigation, organizations that implemented data lake strategies achieved 9% higher revenues than similar companies that did not have such a strategy, and among the main reasons was the possibility of performing new data analysis through machine learning.

Among other things, machine learning and data lakes together help companies to generate not only new types of information, but also different and more complex analyzes than their competition is performing, which translates into a immediate competitive advantage.

Likewise, this joint strategy allows businesses to obtain reports on more complete historical data, constructs more viable models to forecast probable results, and also obtain suggestions for actions to be implemented to achieve optimal results from the applications, distinguishing by areas. of the company and by processes.

At Codster we help companies to achieve their strategies artificial intelligence and of analysis of data, through which they can implement data lakes and machine learning in a simpler way, integrating smarter applications and transforming their data into strategic information, positively impacting the profitability of the business and thus achieving better results.

Alejandra Correa

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