12 Amazon Web Services APIs that boost your business

Currently, hehe APIs are the cornerstone of digital transformation. However, a  State of the API 2020 report, developed by Smart Bear, points out that just over half of companies started using this technology in the last five years.

Slow adoption that, hopefully, is driven by API services from large providers, such as those of Machine Learning from Amazon Web Services.   

What is API?


It is the acronym for "TOpplication Programming Interfaces ”, which translates as Application Programming Interface. It refers to a set of definitions, protocols, and procedures that can be used by other software as an abstraction layer.

In other words, it is used to integrate different functionalities and services into the development of applications without the need to write the code.

What are the AWS API services that integrate Machine Learning? 


The Artificial Intelligence services from Amazon Web Services, previously trained, give you artificial intelligence ready to integrate into your applications and development workflows, without the need to have experience in machine learning: 

1. Advanced Text Analysis (Amazon Comprehend)

Natural Language Processing (NLP) service in which the technology is used Machine Learning to detect valuable information and connections in unstructured text, such as social media comments.

2. Automated code reviews (Amazon CodeGuru)

This API gives you the functions you need to automate code reviews, find expensive lines, and receive smart recommendations to optimize application performance. 

3. Chatbots (Amazon Lex)

Facilitates the design and programming of conversational bots with advanced artificial intelligence in multiple languages. 

4. Demand forecast (Amazon Forecast)

It is a time series forecasting service based on machine learning and specially developed for the analysis of all kinds of metrics.

5. Document Analysis (Amazon Textract)

It allows you to use machine learning to extract text, handwriting and data from scanned documents in order to identify, understand and extract valuable information from graphs and tables. 

6. Enterprise Search (Amazon Kendra)

Smart search service that exploits the power of machine learning to optimize business search. 

7. Fraud Prevention (Amazon Fraud Detector)

Provides the ability to quickly identify fraud and potentially fraudulent activities. 

8. Image and Video Analysis (Amazon Rekognition)

It allows you to add computer vision to your developments for the analysis and extraction of meaning from millions of images and videos in a matter of seconds.

9. Personalized Recommendations (Amazon Personalize)

To develop applications based on machine learning capable of offering personalized recommendations in real time. 

10. Amazon real-time translation (Translate)

Neural machine translation service that allows translations in record time and of excellent quality. In fact, an Attempt report, ranked Amazon Translate the best machine translation provider of 2020 in 14 language pairs.

11. Text to speech (Amazon Polly)

It transforms text into speech very similar to the human voice. 

12. Amazon Transcription (Transcribe)

The service uses a deep learning process called automatic speech recognition (ASR), capable of converting audio to text quickly and accurately. 

It should be noted that the AWS API services that integrate machine learning use the same technology that powers Amazon services, so you are easily accessing the highest level resources that will simplify your developments and make them more valuable. 

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Alejandra Correa

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