Voice interfaces and chatbots in inbound marketing

Are you starting an inbound marketing strategy, but don't know how to boost customer attraction and loyalty? There are tools that help create valuable experiences and guide the consumer during their shopping journey, keeping them engaged with the brand.

Among them are the use of chatbots and voice interfaces, so this time we will tell you how to implement them within your campaigns and why they are effective in achieving your goals.

How to use inbound marketing?

For the inbound methodology to deliver results, you must have a website that has the appropriate content according to each stage in the journey of a potential customer, attract, convert, close and retain. Along with the above, it is necessary to maintain constant interaction with customers within the different communication channels.

This is where the voice interface and the chatbot appear, as the first facilitates information searches in browsers, through devices such as Google Assistance and Amazon Alexa, while the second allows automatic and direct communication with users who they visit your website or social networks.


Guided Sales

Through a chatbot you can make your customers make better purchasing decisions, taking them by the hand through each stage. Among the most popular tactics are personalized suggestions for products or services, the resolution of doubts and the location of a specific article, increasing the chances of making some type of conversion.

Customer service

Another way to leverage a chatbot is by making it part of your customer service reps. Thanks to your artificial intelligence technology They can answer the most frequently asked questions from users, attend returns or claims, and even take complete purchase orders.

In fact, one report estimated that 69% of people They prefer communication through chatbots because they give quick answers to simple questions, which not only allows to give a good service, but also to increase brand loyalty.


Chatbots can be used to re-engage the consumer once they are already captivated. Through instant messages, these will remind the user that they have one or more pending products in their shopping cart or offer exclusive discounts, which will lead them to the final decision.

Voice interface

Voice interfaces are technologies that allow you to interact with computers and mobile devices through the use of your voice. Thanks to the advancement of Artificial Intelligence, devices like Alexa can identify the way users search for information and execute orders, to deliver results closer to their needs.

SEO optimization

According to Wordstream, it is estimated that the 50% from searches this year will be done by voice command. Therefore, it is important to adapt the web content so that they are easily located by these technologies.

After the significant increase in the use of virtual assistants, such as Amazon's Alexa or Apple's Siri, the way in which requests are made has changed, now sentences such as "Restaurants in the Roma neighborhood" are completed instead of "Roma restaurants", making It is necessary to include conversational keywords —enriched with prepositions, conjunctions and more— in articles so that they are effectively positioned on the Internet.


According to the report Voice Search for Local Business Study, 58% of the users included in the measurement, used voice searches to find business premises. Therefore, for your inbound marketing strategy to be effective, using tools that help enhance interaction in voice searches is important and will help link your website for better SEO positioning.

Now that you know how to use inbound marketing, take advantage of technology services and tools appropriate to improve your sales channels and give better follow-up to your customers.

Alejandra Correa

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