What are Veracode Vulnerability Scanning Tools?

With Veracode's vulnerability analysis tools, you will be able to guarantee security compliance in the development of your applications. But, what are these and what benefits do they offer compared to the competition? Its implementation allows you to launch products to the market that comply with local and international regulations to avoid subsequent legal problems.

We know that sometimes it can be a bit complicated to use the Veracode vulnerability scanning tools, but don't worry, we are here to help you. In Codster we are a partner from veracode and we can provide you with all the necessary support to implement the changes you need in your company to meet the security needs of your customers. 

Veracode's vulnerability scanning tools offer substantial security and legal benefits to businesses.

Veracode vulnerability scanning tools offer protection and security

Are you concerned about the security of your applications and software? Veracode's vulnerability scanning tools can help you identify and remediate problems in your source code. of your applications, before they are exploited by malicious attackers. In addition, they offer a wide variety of tools and functionality to integrate security analysis into your development processes and automate security testing. These are some of the main ones offered by this platform:

1. Static Source Code Analysis (SAST): 

Veracode SAST, static source code analysis, offers a host of benefits for businesses looking to improve their cyber security. For example, by using the tool, developers can identify and fix security vulnerabilities in their source code early, which significantly reduces the risk of the application being exploited by malicious attackers.

Another key benefit of Veracode's vulnerability scanning tools is that they easily integrate with other development tools, allowing developers to incorporate application security analysis in your development processes more efficiently and effectively. In addition, Veracode SAST provides detailed reports on identified vulnerabilities, allowing enterprises to demonstrate compliance with application security-related rules and regulations.

2. Dynamic Application Analysis (DAST): 

Veracode DAST is one of the vulnerability analysis tools that focuses on the analysis of applications at runtime. The tool uses advanced security scanning techniques to identify and analyze potential vulnerabilities in the application. By simulating attacks that could be performed against the application, Veracode DAST provides a complete and detailed view of application security, allowing customers to take proactive steps to remedy any identified issues.

The Veracode DAST tool performs extensive scans for common security vulnerabilities such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), cross-site request forgery (CSRF), and more. It is also capable of detecting application-specific vulnerabilities such as configuration errors and security misconfigurations. Furthermore, it provides detailed information about each vulnerability found, including its severity and a summary of how it could be exploited.

The Benefits of Veracode Vulnerability Scanning
Veracode Vulnerability Scanning provides the security and security compliance your business needs.

3. Software Composition Analysis (SCA):

Of the Veracode vulnerability scanning tools, this one focusing on third-party libraries and dependencies is a very important solution for application security. Third-party libraries and dependencies are a vital part of any modern application, but they are also a common source of security vulnerabilities. Libraries and dependencies may contain known vulnerabilities that attackers can exploit to compromise application and data security.

It also helps developers better understand the libraries and dependencies they are using in their application, allowing them to take action to remedy any problems found. In addition, an SCA analysis also provides recommendations on how to upgrade libraries and dependencies to more secure versions, helping to maintain application security in the long run.

Reports and dashboards: 

Veracode security reports and dashboards are a essential tool to understand and fix vulnerabilities identified in applications. These reports provide a detailed description of each vulnerability found, including its severity and potential impacts on the application and the overall system. Additionally, the reports provide clear recommendations for fixing each vulnerability, allowing teams to work more effectively to remediate any security issues in their applications.

Veracode dashboards allow users to centrally view and manage all identified vulnerabilities in their applications. Dashboards provide an overview of application security, including the number of vulnerabilities found and their severity. They also allow users to filter and sort vulnerabilities to prioritize actions.

Veracode vulnerability scanning tools include static source code analysis, dynamic application analysis, software composition analysis, mobile software analysis, integration and automation tools, and reports and dashboards, you can request a consultancy with Codster to solve your doubts about it.

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