What is Amazon Web Services and how does it help your business?

If you have a company and are thinking about digital transformation or expanding your digital services, you need to invest in an infrastructure (servers, computing power, Internet, etc.) that supports the demand for services and processes.

The situation is that if you invest in a small infrastructure, it is probably not enough to meet the peaks in demand. But, if you invest in a larger infrastructure, you also do not ensure that it is actually used.

As a solution to this problem, the services of cloud computing like those offered by Amazon. Find out below what is Amazon Web Services for companies around the world.

What is AWS (Amazon Web Services)?

Amazon Web Services is a cloud platform that offers different computer products and services. In general, these services are summarized in the provision of servers, storage, networks, remote computing, email, mobile development and security.

AWS is available in 76 different zones around the world, allowing you to restrict your use of digital services to a specific region if you wish, or expand as your business grows.

Today, AWS is the preferred brand of cloud computing by companies, occupying a 32.4% of the market, followed by Azure (17.6%) and Google Cloud (6%).

What services does Amazon Web Services offer?

Amazon Web Services is a large and dynamic community with millions of customers and thousands of partners around the world.

The AWS Partner Network is an alliance between Amazon and global technology and consulting companies to deliver solutions and services to customers. In other words, if you want to implement cloud services professionally, it is ideal that you take advantage of the solutions offered by a consulting partner AWS.

Having clarified what AWS is, it is time to go into details. AWS delivers more than 175 comprehensive services of cloud computing And, as mentioned before, products can be generalized based on purpose:

  • Calculation - Instances that allow you to run applications and codes from the cloud.
  • Storage - Servers that store objects, files, backup copies, etc.
  • Databases - Includes a variety of database engines of the type you need.
  • Analysis - It is part of the data storage and its processing.

You will also find services for mobile devices, developers, administration, IoT, security and companies, as well as tools with serverless technology.

Now, what services does Amazon Web Services offer in a stellar way? Its main products are EC2 (virtual machine service), Glacier (low-cost cloud storage service), and S3 (storage system) instances.

The main benefits of implementing AWS are cost savings, flexibility, and scalability. For example, you don't have to invest in servers or estimate demand. You simply pay for what you consume and, during peak demand, the service scales automatically.

Likewise, you don't have to make a large upfront investment as would be the case with a physical infrastructure. Through AWS you can hire what you need and extend the benefits as necessary.

For this reason, MercadoLibre, the largest online payment and commerce provider in Latin America, leverages the scalability, security, and performance of AWS to drive e-commerce and support the rapid growth of the platform.

since you know what is Amazon Web Services and you understand how it can benefit you, you may want to implement it in your company. Remember that you can take advantage of the services and solutions offered by a consulting partner AWS, as Codster, to guarantee professional results.

Alejandra Correa

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