What is an AWS Partner in my company and what is it for?

An AWS Partner serves as a valuable resource for businesses that use Amazon Web Services. By working with an AWS Partner, companies can leverage their cloud technology knowledge and experience to improve AWS deployment and use. AWS Partners offer a wide range of services, including consulting, integration, migration, and support, that can help businesses improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their cloud solutions.

In addition, AWS Partners can offer customized solutions and services that are tailored to the specific needs of each company. In this way, they become a valuable resource for companies looking to take full advantage of Amazon Web Services and achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness in their use of the cloud.

He Amazon Partner Network program helps customers find consulting and technology companies, as AWS Cloud Partners, to establish, promote, market and build success in the cloud. Provides resources to improve services for clients in key areas such as business, technology, and marketing.

Working with an AWS Partner can bring significant benefits to your company.

AWS Partner Types

But before you choose to approach an AWS Partner, need to understand the different types and valuation levels that Amazon gives to its collaborating companies. Amazon Web Services (AWS) has different types of partners in its Amazon Partner Network (APN) program. Partner types include:

  • AWS Cloud Partner: These are companies that offer cloud solutions and services to help customers improve their use of AWS.
  • Technology partners: These are companies that develop complementary software and technology for AWS.
  • Consulting partner: They are companies that offer consulting services to help clients plan, implement and improve their cloud solutions.
  • Distribution partner: They are companies that sell and distribute AWS cloud solutions and services to end customers.
  • Integration partner: These are companies that offer integration services to help customers integrate AWS with their existing systems and applications.

Here are some of the types of AWS Partners that can help customers achieve their cloud goals. Each partner type offers different solutions and services to help customers improve their use of AWS.

what is an aws partner
The levels of an AWS Partner are divided by the levels of competences as well as the type of services offered.

Amazon's core business is and will be innovation. AWS focuses on qualifying and recognizing companies and the services, tools, processes and infrastructure they offer to their customers and that keeps them at the top of all cloud rankings in the world. So there are certification levels in your AWS Partner program. Certification levels include:

  • Standard APNs: This is the basic level of AWS certification for partners. To earn this level of certification, a partner must meet the minimum requirements for technical knowledge, compliance, and customer references.
  • APN Advanced: This level of certification requires a greater commitment from the partner and a deeper understanding of AWS. Partners who reach this level must have extensive experience implementing cloud solutions for their clients.
  • Premier APNs: This is the highest level of AWS certification for partners. Partners that reach this level have very strong experience implementing cloud solutions for their customers and offer a wide range of cloud solutions and services.

Each AWS certification level offers different resources, programs, and opportunities for partners, enabling them to enhance their AWS knowledge and skills and deliver better value to their customers.

Four Ways an AWS Partner Can Optimize the Cloud Migration Process

The benefits of adopting Amazon Web Services tools in the cloud include an average 31% reduction in infrastructure costs, 62% more efficient IT management, and 43% fewer incidents. work with a AWS Partner can improve the cloud migration experience and keep up a good momentum. AWS Partners have certifications, training, and good customer service ratings. In addition, they can offer incentives and project cost savings opportunities. Additionally, they can help small and medium-sized businesses efficiently and affordably adopt cloud technology by providing:

Time saving

AWS Partners with experience in cloud migration can help save time and reduce the impact on daily operations by:

  • Minimize downtime through access to the latest innovations and knowledge of efficient tactics.
  • Offload the cloud migration burden so that the company can make the most of its resources.

Professional orientation

Just as you are an authority on your business, an experienced AWS Partner has deep expertise in the best approach for companies like yours to adopt the cloud:

  • Understand regulatory compliance. AWS Partners are up-to-date on how to meet and help maintain industry, national, and international compliance requirements.
  • Know your best possible approach. A partner who has worked with companies like yours provides insight on how to design, plan, and adopt a cloud-based IT infrastructure.
  • official certifications. Partners have numerous certifications and extensive training, providing a wealth of experience in the latest cloud approaches.
  • Post-migration help. In addition to helping your business seamlessly adopt the cloud, a partner can provide training, feedback, and support to improve the experience.

What is an aws partner for?
The benefits of collaborating with an AWS Partner are different and contribute to various sectors within your company, such as the IT team.

Technical support

Working with a good AWS Partner can increase the experience of your IT team with training to develop your skills and support to ease your transition to the cloud:

  • Increased IT Bandwidth. Your current IT team is probably busy supporting the day-to-day needs of the business. If so, you can rely on the expertise of an AWS Partner to optimize efforts.
  • Training your team. Partners can train, support, and guide your IT team to develop their skills as part of the migration project.

As we mentioned, there are different types of AWS Partners, such as system integrators, strategic consultancies, agencies, managed service providers, and value-added resellers, but they all have one common trait. They are carefully screened by AWS based on several competencies, including:

  • Skills or competencies in a specific industry, such as healthcare or financial services.
  • Use case knowledge such as data and analytics, mobile or storage.
  • Experience in specific applications, such as Oracle, Microsoft or SAP.
  • Up-to-date certifications and training in their areas of expertise.
  • Positive feedback from previous customers.

Your company could reinvent itself and become your best project with the support of an AWS Partner.

An AWS Partner can take care of your project right away, without the additional commitment of time and money. And with access to the best knowledge base and technology out there. If you need new solutions very quickly and very badly, we'd say that's the way to go.

In Codster, we can be your ally in the development and implementation of cloud technology as an AWS Partner to exploit the potential of your company, creating technological solutions tailored to your needs. If you want to know more, do not hesitate to contact us.

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