What is Cloud Computing and how does it benefit your company?

Regardless of the size or economic activity of your company, the technology cloud computing (cloud computing) is essential to enhance results in different situations and significantly optimize business processes.

In accordance with Hosting Court statisticsBy early 2020, 90% of companies were already using the cloud, and 60% of workloads were running on a cloud service, a trend that has been further enhanced by the COVID-19 pandemic.

What is Cloud Computing?

In general terms, the concept of cloud computing refers to the technology that allows remote access to software and the storage and processing of data via the Internet. The model exempts you from installing applications or programs on your computer or other device.

Between the cloud computing examples, stand out the online software or the Amazon Web Services services, Microsoft Azure and Google Apps

What types of cloud are there?

Beyond knowing what is cloud computing, You should be clear that there are three main classes of cloud, whose implementation depends on the specific needs of your business:

  • Private Cloud: Computer services that are provided through the Internet or a private internal network to a limited number of users and not to the general public. It is hosted locally and offers high levels of security and privacy.
  • Public Cloud: Computer services offered by third-party providers to the general public, either free of charge or for a certain price. Maintenance costs are assumed by the company that provides the service.
  • Hybrid Cloud: It is made up of two or more public and private cloud infrastructures that work as single entities, bound together by standardized technology.

Statistics compiled by Hosting Court indicate that spending in the public cloud grows 3 times faster than that of the private cloud. One of the main reasons for the phenomenon is that the adoption of this type of technology with the help of an external service tends to be cheaper, compared to the promotion of a cloud strategy on premises.

In any case, in any of them you find the advantages of cloud computing: speed and simplicity when launching resources, multi-platform and multi-device, fast flexibility and scalability.

Why is Cloud Computing so important today?

Ensuring access to data from anywhere is the main reason behind the adoption of cloud technologies. This is very important today, because the markets are global and dynamic.

This possibility also drives other benefits like collaboration and teleworking. In fact, one of the great examples of cloud computing are the remote work tools implemented by companies during the recent COVID-19 pandemic, such as those offered Amazon Web Services.

In addition, it offers other advantages:

  • Drive digitization. By significantly reducing infrastructure acquisition and maintenance costs, you can redirect your budget toward digital transformation.
  • High scalability and elasticity of computational resources.
  • Independence between device and location.
  • High information security, one of the most important assets of companies.

To take advantage of advantages of cloud computing, It is important that you carry out a consultancy in your company. In this way, you will be able to size, analyze and select the solution that best suits the context, environment and needs of your business.

Codster, a leading company in the area, helps you in this regard. We identify and understand your company's processes, as well as the applications that support them and can solve problems, performing a complete analysis without losing business perspective.

Alejandra Correa

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