What are API integrations?

Using web services through API integrations has allowed companies to face the transformation challenges generated by the COVID-19 pandemic during 2020.

The adoption of cloud solutions makes it possible to speed up the incorporation of new tools through simple API calls, which helps to better adapt to the new digital demands of the population.

What do we mean by API integrations?

The acronym API (in English) refers to Application Programming Interfaces or Application Programming Interface, and its function is facilitate interaction between the applicant and the requested service, mainly in the case of web sites and applications.

The Web api are used as an intermediate layer between requiring devices and applications or services establishing a ordered pattern of actions such as payment systems, data transfer or even chatbots for interaction with customers.

It limits the unwanted incursion and safeguards the integrity of the systems, even more so when these services are hosted in the cloud.

The benefits of incorporating solutions with API integrations

Companies and organizations use various software and applications for their internal management and for their clients. Link them effectively to communicate with each other is one of the reasons why cloud service integration has become so popular in the business innovation processes. 

The use of API integrations Web strengthens systems security by allowing information sharing without exposing the backend infrastructure. They also facilitate integration and optimize functionalities between different platforms by allowing them to communicate with each other through API calls.

Allow incorporate services in an agile way to sites and applications through API calls, and some even allow data analysis to be carried out on demand only by uploading the code to the platform, as is the case of AWS Lambda.

API integration solutions with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

One of the leaders in cloud services is Amazon, due to the security and high specialization with which it supports its different services and infrastructure on demand. Those that together address a large part of the needs in web development.

AWS Lambda is a service that allows you to run data processing loading the code directly without intermediating through the backend and automatically managing the necessary computing resources.

It is on demand, as Lambda identifies and automatically assigns the computational resources necessary for processing, progressively scaling as required.

Another service is Amazon API gateway, which allows the creation, publication, maintenance, supervision and API protection. Thanks to the configuration with the Load Balancer, identifies traffic and bypasses or blocks it, safeguarding the integrity of the service as well as the cost associated with band use.

Amazon API gateway It takes on the tasks associated with receiving up to hundreds of thousands of API calls simultaneously. Manage traffic and access, control limits and monitor API versions. It also allows you to limit traffic and ensure that the backend does not work unnecessarily, optimizing costs.

Achieving high impact and efficiency with the right integration of web services requires a professional guide and correct advice. In Codster You will find a key partner that will provide the necessary boost and support in the development of technological solutions for your company.

Alejandra Correa

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