What services does Amazon Web Services offer?

Amazon Web Services -or Amazon Web Services in Spanish- is a package of more than 200 global products that allows you to mount in the cloud all the technological infrastructure you need to enjoy the benefits of Cloud Computing for companies.

The infrastructure provided by AWS is scalable, reliable, low cost, and drives hundreds of thousands of businesses from 190 countries around the world. Hence their services Cloud for companies are among the most used to drive digital transformation.

What services does Amazon Web Services offer?

Amazon services provide storage, networking, databases, web and mobile application services, security, computing power, messaging, artificial intelligence, identity, and compliance.

Cloud Computing applications for companies

In the package Cloud for companies, you find important tools such as:

  • Alexa for Business:  It enables organizations and their collaborators to use Alexa as a smart assistant to increase productivity in meeting rooms and at their desks. Reservations, start of chats and collection of metrics related to the use of the meeting room.
  • Amazon ChimeChats:  Communication service that allows employees to chat and make business calls both internally and externally to the company. Very useful, now that teleworking is a global trend and Mexico is the second country worldwide in the implementation of remote work (34%), according to Reuters report.
  • Amazon Honeycode (Beta): Platform to develop and update applications Cloud for companies. Ideal if you have an IT team and a solid digital strategy.
  • Amazon WorkDocs: This service allows you to create, edit and share content quickly, easily and securely, with centralized storage in AWS, to facilitate access from any place or device. Very useful for companies that do remote work and collaboration.
  • Amazon WorkMail: Secure business email and calendar service. It is compatible with Outlook and makes it easy to manage your business email infrastructure, while eliminating the need to invest in licenses and servers in physical facilities.

AWS Database Migration Service

With this service you can migrate your databases to AWS quickly and safely, without losing operability during the process. It is essential when migrating to a public or hybrid cloud, processes and applications with minimal downtime.

AWS Lambda

It is a computing platform based on events that allow you to execute code without the need to manage servers. This offers the possibility of accessing the digital ecosystem and modernizing applications easily and quickly, worrying only about the correct execution of the code and the scalability of the apps.

DevOps and Development Tools

It allows aligning in the same space the people, technologies and processes of the organization, in order to optimize processes and generate a better product or service.

With AWS, you can enjoy all the benefits of Cloud Computing for companies.

In Codster we are specialists in helping companies implement their digital products with first-rate innovation. Furthermore, we are AWS Certified Partners. After a consultation in which we will explain what services Amazon Web Services offers and which ones your business needs, we help you throughout the service implementation process.

Please note that AWS Partner Network is a partner program that allows technology and consulting organizations offer solutions based on Amazon Web Services, which help their clients implement Cloud Computing applications for companies of the highest level.

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