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A while ago, we were on AWS Black Belt, one of the most important events for the community dedicated to developing Amazon Web Services services. One of the most recurring topics was the monitoring, security and good practices of the various AWS resources: AWS Lambda Extensions and in this post we'll talk about it.

What is Lambda Extensions?

It is a new feature announced for AWS Lambda that enables greater control through monitoring, observability, security, and governance tools throughout the lifecycle of your lambda functions. With this tool you can quickly integrate various third-party tools or even yours.

All very well up here, but then what does a Lambda Extensions look like?

Visually, they are scripts distributed in Lambda Layers, which will run inside or outside the lambda function and respond to each update through probing events.

We have two types of Lambda Extensions: internal and external ones.

Interns will run in the same process as your lambda function.

External ones will run in a separate process, so external ones can be written in a different language than your lambda function.

Here we suggest you check the runtime supported by Lambda Extensions, as well as validating the cost per time of consumption of your extensions.

What are the benefits?

It's time to see what the benefits are if you implement this tool:

There is no complexity in installing, configuring, and integrating third-party extensions

The use of this tool does not apply an extra charge, although you will need to consider the CPU and resource time involved in its use

Facilitate the development of robust and secure serverless applications

In addition, third-party integration (AWS Partners) can extend the benefits and solutions to monitoring, observability, and security of our lambdas functions.

Have you thought about the other additional advantages Lambda Extensions can bring to your business? We hear more and more solutions to Serverless technologies, and Lambda never lag behind

What do you expect to join the Serverless and Lambda world? At Codster we're waiting for you!

Thank you very much for listening to our content !.

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At Codster we provide: Cloud based experiences

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