What should you take into account to have a cloud experience in your company?

Regardless of the size or business of the company, a good cloud experience will make the difference between an excellent management and one that could improve. But what exactly is the cloud computing?

In general terms, it is a technology that allows companies to access services on the Internet (and less frequently local networks), without the need to have the necessary servers to access said services, thus being able to access said services 24 hours a day. /7 and remotely.

But, in addition, the information remains safe thanks to the fact that this type of service is private; generates backup copies as a guarantee of protection against possible data disasters and allows the owner to manage access to all material in the cloud.

That is why, when properly used, the cloud For businesses ensure an excellent organizational management experience. To take advantage of its full potential, consider the following aspects.

1. You can save on management costs

These systems allow you to invest exclusively in the services to be used, paying only for what is used in the cloud, so that the budget is used in a more intelligent and controlled way; in other words, it helps you optimize technology costs.

On the other hand, when an external service is contracted, there are significant savings in relation to implementing an IT infrastructure in the dependencies of your business, in addition to the costs associated with maintenance, administration, updating and implementation of software for servers and equipment, among others. other things.

2. Allows you to automate the company's infrastructure

Between the cloud uses, one that makes tasks more efficient is the ability to manage access for each function and, at the same time, ensure that the infrastructure works in a homogeneous manner. This facilitates remote collaboration, the exchange of information and the standardization of processes.

Hence, making appropriate decisions regarding how to prioritize information and establish access allows company managers to use cloud tools in a way that enhances their performance.

Another useful recommendation speaking of cloud for business is to make sure that the service provider knows the business, specialty and operation of the organization. Therefore, always consider working with experts in the implementation of cloud services.

3. Your applications go global immediately

If you are looking to turn your ideas into real solutions, then you need to know that cloud uses they help the applications they develop with your team to be immediately global; the latter, thanks to the deployment of infrastructure in various locations around the world, saving you the headache of having to do it on your own.

4. Adapts to needs through scalable applications

Scalability is one of the characteristics of essential cloud services; This helps all types of organizations achieve their sales objectives in a way that suits their current needs, both in terms of budget, personnel and infrastructure.

Scalability can be vertical or horizontal, depending on how the expansion is carried out. In the first case, the growth is concentrated in the hardware (it has to do with increasing the features of the server, such as memory or the CPU) while in horizontal scaling, as in the case of scalable applications, what increases is the number of servers or modules, depending on a distributed architecture with high availability for the service. The latter is the one that stands out to achieve a better cloud experience.

Alejandra Correa

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