Generate detailed digital records for the credit approval

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Generate a digital file with information about each client to monitor the credit approval process.

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Viventa helps you buy a house in Colombia from the US or anywhere in the world. Loans and housing projects.

Challenges of the Organization and Objectives of Viventa (Credifile)

The main objective was to have a system in which its clients and collaborators could upload files, to generate a digital file for each client and within the system to be able to follow up on the credit approval process.

How do we help Viventa - Credifile?

The role that Codster developed within the project was essential for the development of a system with the correct architecture, processes, functionalities and design, so that it could be used in the company by clients and collaborators.

Project objectives

Codster promised to deliver the development of a functional platform that was easy for Viventa to manage; have an attractive design for internal and external users and functional for the objective set by the Viventa team.

The system allows users to upload documents, follow up on them, and monitor the credit approval process of clients.

Technologies implemented in the development of the project

The platform is hosted and developed with Amazon Web Services services.

Advantages and improvements of the project

Having these technologies allows us to have an optimized system that allows us to collect the necessary information by saving images and information uploaded by internal and external people.

It also has a user manager to be able to grant or deny permissions within the system depending on the role of each user.

Technological solutions

According to the technological solution that Codster proposed to develop the system; Viventa does the following:

  • A link is generated for the client to access the platform.
  • Company users review each document, they can approve, reject or edit it.
  • The client reviews the list of documents and follows the instructions to upload them.
  • A "digital profile" of the client is generated in a single file, it can be .tiff or pdf.

Internally users can:

  • Review the documents sent by the client.
  • Approve or reject them depending on whether the information uploaded is correct.
  • Request additional documents.
  • Export a document.

business impact

The system made communication with the client for the request of their documents more efficient, in addition to being very useful for tracking the documents and being able to generate digital files complete with internal and external documents.

The system allows users to upload documents, follow up on them, and monitor the credit approval process of clients.

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