Data Lake Services for Businesses

data lake:
The tool to make the right decisions

  • data integration 
  • Data structuring
  • secure storage
  • Increase innovation
  • Analyze your customer data in depth

Data Lake Services

Descubre cómo tomar las mejores decisiones para tu empresa con los Lago de Datos en la nube

Why should you use Data Lake strategies in your company?

Benefits of using a Data Lake

scalable storage

Data lakes are designed to centrally store, process, and protect structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data.

Serverless and easy to use

Deploying and managing a serverless data lake accelerates the delivery of enterprise data to the cloud and simplifies data lake management.

easy and safe access

The Data Lake architecture centrally defines and manages security, governance and audit policies to comply with the necessary regulations.

Development with Machine Learning

Data Lake technology makes it easy to develop and deploy Machine Learning models for faster, more detailed insights.

How does a Data Lake work in your company?

AWS solutions to create Data Lake strategies in your company

AWS Glue Services Data Lake

AWS Glue

AWS Glue is an ETL service that makes it easy to load data into a Data Lake. In addition, it automates the process of data discovery, schema creation, and code generation for extraction, transformation, and loading.

AWS Lake Formation Data Lake

AWS Lake Formation

AWS Lake Formation is an AWS service that makes it easy to create a secure Data Lake in no time, plus gives you control over who has access to your data and how it's used, ensuring the security of your business.

Amazon S3 Glacier Data Lake

Amazon S3 / Glacier

Amazon S3 Glacier is a cloud data storage service offered by AWS that specializes in long-term data protection and archiving of data that is not required for frequent use.

The uses of Data Lake that you can integrate into your company

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Uses of Data Lake for companies
  • Data migration:Process any amount of data in real time.
  • Better customer interactions:Analyze your customers through data analysis.
  • Improves innovation in research and development:Evaluate possible services and products for your company.
  • Improvement in operational efficiency:Collect data from channels or devices to analyze your customers.
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