File integration platform for the fintech industry

An Onboarding platform for digital documentation:


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A cloud platform for digital documentation to collect documents

We build the ideal tool for the financial industry. We revolutionize the way people carry out their financial processes with a personalized digital documentation platform. Collection of digital documents and integration of files.

We designed a platform for digital documentation with key functionalities to guarantee the security of the information and provide speed in the approval of documents.

Cloud platform for document collection in the financial industry

The ideal platform to accelerate digital documentation processes

Agile, fast and secure Your company needs this!

Launch your own digitized documentation platform

Launch your product to the market in record time

In less than a week you have a platform where you will manage the users' digital file.

Digitized documentation technology for your company

State-of-the-art technology for your company

Take advantage of a tool with high-impact functionalities to carry agile and flexible financial processes.

Centralize documentation processes in a single application

A platform that focuses all your operations

You will have a platform for the digital collection of documents and integration of files.

Digital documentation for financial processes

100% customizable experience

Customize the platform with the look & feel of your brand. Adjust colors, logo and more in minutes.

Streamlines user financial approval processes

Integrate and add unique functionalities to your applications. What functionalities does it include?

Collection of digital documents

It has a system that allows you to upload digital documents attached or from the cell phone camera.

Review system

Approve or reject the documentation that users upload to the platform in a matter of minutes.

Digital profile

Evaluate and analyze the financial profile of users. There you will be able to see the documentation of each one.

Integrates a Software as a Service platform for digital documentation

Api integration of a file integration platform for the fintech industry

Seamlessly connect your website or web application with our friendly API for all types of developers. We give you a complete guide where you can know the correct way to integrate our digital Onboarding platform to your applications.

Don't you know how to do it? We help you integrate our platform where you need it so that you can launch your product to the market in record time.

We are a comprehensive platform with key functionalities for your company

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Saas platform for digital documents for your applications

Online banking

Digital file platform for your company


Sat digital document platform for your company

Granting of credits

Platform to organize digital documents for your company


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