Software Development Solutions for the healthtech industry

Innovative Software solutions in the HealthTech sector to automate your services, remote consultations, review of medical records and personalized customer service.

software development in the healthtech industry

Digital Solutions for Public and Private Health Institutions

Software Solutions for the Health sector

We improve patient care through virtualization and service automation, thus accelerating the adoption of telemedicine by your team in record time.

Medical Appointment Scheduling Software

If your goal is to streamline the processes of establishing and monitoring online medical appointments for remote patients, at Codster we develop your product of software.

Patient data and information in one place

To prevent your patients' information from being lost or duplicated, we develop Software that allows you to organize important documents, forms and files in record time.

Security Services to store patient data

To protect your patient information and prevent unauthorized access, we control access based on role, group, document type, and any other necessary criteria.

Patient Safety Services

We design and develop digital products to monitor the data and analysis processes of your patients in real time, to obtain an accurate diagnosis.

Digital transformation in HealthTech with customized Software Solutions

Hospital infrastructure in the Cloud

Cloud Computing is key to digital transformation in the HealthTech industry. We are your best ally to automate several of your processes such as data management.

Customized Digital Transformation in the Cloud

We take care of analyzing the current cloud environment in your company, to ensure that the hosting of your endpoints and your applications work perfectly in the cloud.

Cloud Monitoring

With AWS tools we monitor and analyze the availability of your applications, servers and infrastructure in the cloud, as well as the performance of your operations quickly and safely.

Cloud Infrastructure Migration Solutions

With our technology, we can help you migrate and analyze workloads such as endpoints, web applications, websites, mobile applications, databases, and servers in real time.

Data Lake Analytics Services

With the use of Data Lake Analytics, you will be able to store and analyze data in an agile way. At Codster, we help you implement a secure, flexible and profitable Data Lake in the AWS cloud.

Receive free advice to boost your business with technology in the HealthTech industry

  • We provide you fully managed cloud services according to the needs of the healthcare industry.
  • Advice on health services with infrastructure in the cloud.
  • Development of agile and effective Healthtech solutions to implement in your business in an agile and safe way.

Development of Healthtech Solutions in Mexico and LATAM to improve medical care with automated services and processes

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