User validation and authentication services with Know Your Customer processes

Prevent fraud and verify the identity of your users

Identity verification platform with KYC

Identity Identification and Validation Services to revolutionize your company

we take care of design and develop a digital platform with Know Your Customer (KYC) technology personalized for your company, which integrates identity validation functionalities that allow users to authenticate remotely and securely.

We revolutionize the way companies relate to their customers. We give you the power to use secure processes through identity validation with Know Your Customer solutions to prevent online fraud.
Identity identification and validation platform

KYC solutions with Identity Validation for your company

We help you validate the identity of your employees with a KYC platform in 3 simple steps

Know your customer platform

Biometric Pattern

We carry out a process of validation of the identity document where we make an analysis of photography and identification of personal data of the person.

Based on these parameters, we apply an algorithm that generates a biometric pattern to validate identity.

Online identity verification to integrate into your company

Data Pattern

With the use of the biometric pattern, we design a Software that extracts the name and surname of the holder of the document.

An algorithm is also applied to this data that generates a code based on the attributes of name, surname and identity number.

Identity identification and verification platform

User Validation

We validate the identity of your users in an automated way, validating that the name, surname and identity number are the same as those that appear on the official identity document.

We identified that the person in the selfie is the same person who appears in your document.

Find out how an Identity Validation solution helps your company

The KYC (Know Your Customer) Identity Validation Service offers very powerful benefits for organizations and companies:

  • Friendly and simple experience for your customers.
  • Avoid online fraud quickly and safely.
  • Increase operational efficiency.
  • Verification of the identity of clients from all over the world and in any language.
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Find out how an Identity Validation solution helps your company

Avoid fraud and mitigate financial crimes by integrating KYC solutions in your company