Identity verification platform with KYC

User validation and authentication with Know Your Customer processes

Your company needs this!

Identification and identity validation to revolutionize your company

We design an integral Know Your Customer platform with key functionalities of identity verification that allows to authenticate users in a remote and 100% safe manner..

We revolutionize the way companies interact with their customers. We give you the power to use safe processes through identity validation with Know Your Customer solutions to avoid online frauds.

Identity identification and validation platform

How does the identity validation platform work?

Your company needs this!

Identity identification and verification platform

Launch your product into the market in a record time

Revolutionize your company with identity validation technology to improve and speed up your financial processes. Remote and safe authentication!

Online identity verification to integrate into your company

Cutting edge technology for your company

It has a customized platform to authenticate and validate the identity of your users in seconds.

Know your customer platform

A platform that concentrates all your operations

Avoid integrations with additional software, we are an integral identity verification platform.

Know your customer business platform

100% customized experience

Customize the platform with the look & feel of your brand. Adjust colors, log and others in just minutes.

A Know Your Customer platform (KYC), ideal to validate the identity of your users

Integrate unique functionalities. Innovate and boost your business.

Proof of life

Make sure there is a person behind the process and not a robot wishing to steal information..

Identity validation

Verify the identity of users and prevent online fraud. Remote validation, 100% fast and safe.

Integrate a Know Your Customer platform easily and quickly

Api integration of an identity verification platform with KYC

Connect with no problem your website or application with our friendly API for all kinds of developers. We provide a complete guide where you can learn the correct way to integrate our identity validation platform into your apllications.

Don't you know how to do it? We help you to integrate our platform where you need it so you can launch your product into the market in a record time.

We are a Software as a Service platform with key functionalities for your company

Who are our customers?

Saas know your customer platform to integrate into your applications

Online banking

Know your customer solutions platform for your company


Know your customer process platform for your company

Granting of Credits

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