Plataforma de videoconferencias para integrar en tu empresa

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Estamos haciendo del live streaming una revolución

Diseñamos una plataforma de live streaming como una herramienta integral con funcionalidades clave y de alto impacto para llevar tus videoconferencias sin interrupciones. 

We revolutionize the way people meet online by providing a personalized, innovative and flexible experience.

Plataformas de live streaming en méxico

Boost and scale your business with a live streaming platform

Your company needs this!

Integra una plataforma SaaS de videoconferencias en tus aplicaciones

Lanza tu producto al mercado en tiempo récord

In less than a week you have a ready-to-use video conferencing platform.

Plataforma de videoconferencias con pagos online, reportes y calendario

State-of-the-art technology for your company

Take advantage of a tool with high impact functionalities to carry out videoconferences and online meetings.

Software de videoconferencias para tu negocio

A platform that focuses all your operations

Una plataforma integral con videoconferencias, calendario, pagos online, reportes y estadísticas.

Servicio de live streaming para tu empresa

100% customizable experience

Customize the platform with the look & feel of your brand. Adjust colors, logo and more in minutes.

Scale and empower your business with live streaming

Integrate and add unique functionalities to your applications. What functionalities does it include?


It has a cloud video conferencing system that allows you to access it quickly and easily from anywhere.

Online payments

Start using the online payments function to provide flexibility and confidence in your company's services.

Reports and statistics

Generate reports to know the metrics of your company in real time and with monthly reports.

Integra una plataforma Software as a Service de live streaming

Integración API de una plataforma live streaming

Seamlessly connect your website or web application with our friendly API for all types of developers. We give you a complete guide where you can know the correct way to integrate our video conferencing platform to your applications.

Don't you know how to do it? We help you integrate our platform where you need it so that you can launch your product to the market in record time.

We are a comprehensive platform with key functionalities for your company

Who are our clients?

Plataforma de videoconferencias para banca online

Online banking

Plataforma de videoconferencias para sector de segurods


Plataforma de videoconferencias para otorgamiento de créditos

Granting of credits

Plataforma de videoconferencias para hacer contrataciones


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