Cloud application migration and its benefits

Cloud migration services

We help you migrate your company's data to the cloud. We design the migration strategy and planning to obtain a secure and scalable route to the cloud.

  • Access your data anytime and anywhere.
  • Reduce operating costs and increase performance in IT processes.
  • Keep your company always updated with new applications and resources.
Cloud Application Migration Services

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Migrate your applications to an available cloud environment quickly and safely.

How the cloud migration process works

How cloud application migration works

Migration preparation and business planning

We determine the objectives and identify the applications and/or technologies that you want to migrate. In this phase, factors such as the purpose, deadlines, and limitations of the existing apps are taken into account to decide which strategy to adopt.

Analysis of the current solution and planning

In this phase we will carry out a complete analysis of the IT environment and the dependencies between applications to determine the most appropriate migration strategy for each application and meet the needs of your company.

Design, migration and validation of the application

Before migrating an application to the cloud, we will first have to design it in order to subsequently carry out the migration and validation process of said application.

Implement the new operating model

As the migration progresses, old systems are deactivated and a new operating model is adopted. This model becomes an active set of processes that improve as the volume of migration increases.

AWS Cloud Migration Use Case

Cloud Migration Strategies to Increase Business Growth

savings on application migration

you no longer have to worry

For the costs or the conditions to keep the physical servers running.

application migration security

With migration to the cloud

Keep your company's data always available, secure and backed up.

scalability in application migration

We help companies

To manage data and applications with the scalability necessary to support your growth.

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