AWS Lambda

Serverless Compute

AWS lambda serverless technology
Codster has supported clients in the adoption of a serverless culture within the organization, we have experience in the development and implementation of AWS Lambda services developed with Serverless framework.

Benefits of AWS Lambda

Costs reduction

AWS Lambda functions are only charged per request, hence reducing costs.


AWS Lambda functions can be optimized according to each function needs, by indicating the maximum running time and the quantity of memory to be used.


 AWS Lambda functions scale up according to the number or requests done.

No servers to manage

AWS Lambda automatically runs the code on servers provisioned by AWS, without the need to manage them.

Cases of use

Backend Applications

Through a microservice architecture with Lambda where, through the integration with other services such as API Gateway and RDS,an API is exposed to the frontend without the need to manage any server.

Data processing

Through the development of Lambda functions, it is possible to develop Extraction flows, Transformation and Loading of data (ETL) for the processing of information either through a trigger such as an event, or schedule.

Success Cases

Codster Clients - Good for Good

Agility in meeting business objectives

Learn about the success story in which we developed, together with our client Bien para Bien a Cloud First strategy that allows agility in meeting business objectives. Through Amazon Web Services solutions, Bien para Bien is speeding up and ensuring Mexican families and businesses the delivery of services for the acquisition of credits.
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We are AWS Partners

We chose Amazon Web Services as one of our technology partners to build on our expertise and deliver technology solutions to complex business problems.

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