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CPA Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation in CPA Mobile Solutions


Adopting Mobile technology for users who carry out procedures in person at the branches of the Savings Bank.

Digital Transformation in Mexico CPA


122 Service Centers in the Mexican National Territory

Technologies implemented in the development of the project

With the implementation and use of mobile technologies, the SNTSS Provident and Savings Fund adopted the use of different tools and technologies to develop the mobile application: Technology was incorporated to maintain the application and information security with:
  • Web Application Firewalls (WAFs).
  • Firewalls, VPNs and security certificates.
  • Veracode for App code quality and scans.
Technologies implemented in the digital transformation of CPA

Product advantages and improvements

CPA Mobile Application Development

Today users of the Social Security and Savings Fund of the SNTSS They can carry out various operations from the comfort of their home through the mobile application, in addition to receiving push notifications, seeing notices and bulletins published by the Savings Bank.

Data Processing in CPA Mobile Application

Caja de Ahorros can have control of its processes and record of operations from its internal processes, interact with its users and allow them to carry out their operations. There is a control of exact hours of operations in the database, statistical data on the use of the app.

Data Management in CPA Mobile Application

At the beginning of each year, the Savings Bank shares with users their account statements from the year 2021 so that users can consult, download and share your account statements without having to go in person to the corresponding branch.

Challenges and Objectives of CPA Development

Challenges and objectives that were achieved in the development of the project

Currently the application is available on different platforms, its version 2.0 account includes:
10,000 Daily app visits 4,000 Operations per day for partial withdrawals
The application meets the initial objective of the project, Codster in conjunction with the SNTSS Provident and Savings Fund provides support and maintenance to it to provide a better service to users.
Impact Business Technology CPA

business impact

Every day, new users are registered with the SNTSS Social Security and Savings Fund. When they go to a branch, their data is collected and an access code for the use of the application is sent to their mobile device. That is, it is an automated process as part of the user's registration tasks, through this code the user is allowed to create a personal password, which gives you the security that your data is protected.

Once this process has been completed, the basic operations can be carried out by the user from the application, without having to go to a branch. Having as main benefit the avoid long lines of users waiting to be attended, in addition to the manual work that must be done to register the operations.

Technological solutions

Analyzing the dimension of the operations carried out by the users of the SNTSS Provident and Savings Fund and likewise in relation to the number of users, an initial proposal was made to be able to have a mobile application of an informative nature and for checking balances.

Over time, new modules and functionalities were added seeking to have a complete and functional application to the 100% for the different types of operations. The initial development covers an application for iOS and Android devices, with the passage of time and technological updates it was also implemented in the App Gallery for its availability on Huawei devices.

Technological Solution CPA SNTSS
Technological Development success CPA

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