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Recognition of license plates, brand, colors and type of vehicles with AWS technologies for pattern recognition.

Gulf Fuel Lubricant Technology


Gulf is present in more than 25 countries worldwide, and is dedicated to the retail sale of fuel and lubricants.

Gulf Organizational Challenges and Objective

We take care of recognizing license plates, brands, colors and guys of vehicles for information. We automate the process to obtain data in real time, and we connect to a Data Lake to generate reports with valuable information.

Challenges Objectives Data Gulf Processing
Image recognition AWS Rekognition

How do we help Gulf?

A Batch mechanism was implemented that runs automatically from time to time: it reads the images from Bucket S3, stores images from the cameras of its stations to be processed in batches and thus uses a pre-trained model to recognize the corresponding labels, storing the meta data in a database which will be prepared to be integrated into the Gulf Data Lake for analysis.

1. Training the model in AWS Rekognition:Image recognition model training in Amazon Rekognition to identify information from Gulf gas station images.

2. Image upload automation:Development of a Batch mechanism that reads images from Bucket S3. Cameras store images from their stations to be processed in batches. A pre-trained model is used to recognize labels, storing the meta data in a DB that is ready to be integrated into the Gulf Data Lake for analysis.

3. Quicksight reporting:Generation of reports in Quicksight to establish metrics with valuable information for Gulf. This helps to quantify and evaluate aspects of the business, trends, behaviors and results, to evaluate the performance of the actions and strategies to be implemented.

Project Objectives

The model was trained to detect the following information:

  • vehicle color
  • Vehicle brand
  • vehicle type
Gulf Data Analysis
  • Date, time and camera IDs
  • dispenser position
  • vehicle plate

Technologies implemented in the development of the project

A model for recognizing specific information in images was developed with the help of different AWS services. Which works in the following way, the cameras of the Gulf branches are connected to an S3 in which the images are stored and pass through the Rekognition service and store the recognized information in a DynamoDB database.

This process is automated through AWS Batch, to execute it from time to time. Once having the source of the model, it is connected to the Data Lake through Lake Formation and Athena to later generate the Quicksight reports.

Gulf Image Recognition Technology Development

Advantages and improvements of the project

Using AWS technologies made it possible to build a sufficiently robust and trained model to be able to detect characteristics within the images, such as: license plate, date, time, color, brand, position and type of vehicle of its clients.

The Rekognition model at the business level helped the client to get to know their clients better, since all the information is collected within the model in order to obtain a detailed report. This report is used to analyze consumption and long-term prospects.

Challenges and objectives that were achieved in the development of the Project

  1. A Machine Learning model fed by images identified by the system was created.
  2. Brand recognition and vehicle logos.
  3. Recognition of primary colors in an image taking light and shadow into account.
  4. Recognition of types of vehicles according to their specific characteristics.
  5. An efficient processing of the Machine Learning model was achieved to recognize a high volume of images.

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