Success Cases

Construction of a virtual political participation platform

What is the challenge we take on at Pando?

Build a platform in which different profiles (administrator, organizer, candidate, collaborator, evaluator, committee and citizen) with different permissions and functionalities can interact. Pando aims to: evaluate through questions related to various issues and elect citizens in elections

The solution

Creation of services

KPI logic

KPis: Creation of landing for the creation of KPIs

Questions: Relationship between KPIs and questions

Answer questions: Response collection landing

Share landing: Creation of main landing to share link to answer questions.

Candidates & SpiderWeb Module

Candidates: Creation of candidate landing

Spider Web: Webview of the % of KPIs according to the survey data + Avatar

Codster Partners - pando

The technology

The technologies used were the following:

Pando: The result

It was possible to build a platform to be able to choose the ideal candidate based on what he or she responds in a defined question system, a score is established by the evaluators and the integration of the avatar. Through a digital tool, the citizens who will represent the candidate in the electoral contest are known, evaluated and chosen.

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